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UPDATE: Articles In Print,.. from Publisher Paks we've mailed, August through December...

(Listed first is Writer's name, Title of article they sent us,..& following each, the Publication(s) that have printed them!)

(** See Below: From Sept & Oct.,.. BOTH PAKS,.. EVERY ARTICLE WE MAILED GOT PRINTED!!!!)

August 27th Pak:

Bill Davis, "Which direction we heading.." (Small Business News, 1/97) Dennis Harnisch, "Where all downline gone?" (In Home Business Magazine, Nov/Dec. 96) Robert Sullivan, "Money saving tips.." (Home Business Magazine, Nov/Dec. 96) Al Galasso, "Book Dealers World" Release (In Jackpot, 11/96; In Grand Canyon Adver., pg. 3, Dec. 96!) Paula Demers, "Count Pennies, Save Dollars" ( In American Banner, 11 & 12/96) Bill Reeves, "Network Marketing, Catch the wave" (Home Business Magazine, Nov/Dec. 96) Michael M. Kiefer, "13 Features,.. of Millionaires" (Home Business Magazine, Nov/Dec. 96)

September 27th Pak:

Jeff Gardner's, "6 Ways make downline explode" (In Jackpot, 11/96; In Emerald Coast News, 11/96 Kathy Mathews, "Promises,.. but, have a dime..?" (In Jackpot, 11/96 - Payday Tabloid, 10/96 Russ Von Hoelscher, "$ for web ads?" (Phx 5M, Oct.; "NOG.; "Sm. Potatoes"; BDW.,11/96, C. Peddler, 12/96, Hisp. 1-97 Chuck Huckaby, "Free Leads,..Get your share." (In Jackpot, 11/96; In Emerald Coast News, 11/96 Paula Demers, "Back to basics,.." (In Jackpot, 11/96) Ray Thomas, "Profit, Univ. Pic.".." Rape,.." (In Payday Tab., 10/96; Em. Coast News, 11/96; Am. Banner, 11 &12/96) Steve Cole, "Free E-Mail, for the asking!" (In Em. Coast,11/96, "Book D.W.",11/96, "Sm. Potatoes",12/96; Brite Side, 1/97

End of October Pak:

Jim Daniels," Home-Based, On-Line Biz.." (In Jackpot, 12/96; In Em. Coast News, Dec. 96) Kathy Mathews, "To get Money, spend the time." (Sm. Potatoes,12 '96; Jackpot,12/96; Pay Day, 11/96; E. C. N., Dec. 96 Herb Ehlers, "Computer News & Views" ( In Stepping Stones Mag., Nov/Dec '96) John O'Callaghan, "3 Best Biz for 1997" (In Jackpot, 11/96 Paula Demers, "Want to Earn; Got to learn." (In Jackpot, 12/96) Dave Sailors, "Robin Hood in Reverse,.." (In BizWeb,11/21; Stepping Stones, Nov '96; In Jackpot, 12/96) Wanda Williams, "Home Mortgage Kit" Release (In "Advantage Digest", Page 29, Nov/Dec. 96) Ray Thomas, "When a Right is NOT a Right." (In "Pay Day Tab." 11/96

End of November Pak:

Robert Sullivan, "Sell your Product to U.S. Gov..." (In Jackpot, 1/97) Kathy Mathews, "Use that phone to the max.." (In Jackpot, 1/97) Paula Demers, "Make Millions with 1 prod.." & Rel. (In Em. Coast News, Dec. 96, In Jackpot, 1/97) Wayne Irwin, Release for "Biz Value",.. "College Money".. "Patches" Frank O'Hara, Release for "Money-Making Program" Karen Lambert, (KPS Ent.) Release for "Nat'l Biz Opps." mag. Al Galasso, Rel. about "Listing in Dropship Dir.." & Profile, Dawn Hall Ray Thomas, "Conditioning of America",.."Greed,.. the Big Lie,.." Steve Cole, "Home Page, for Greater Sales" Part 1 (In "HomeMoney Newsletter, 12/18; Am.Banner, 1/97) Gary's, "Secret of 5 'R's",.. "What doing wrong?" Rel. for "67 Secrets" (In Jackpot, 1/97; Wking @ Home, 1/97

Dec. 27 Pak,..

Jim Daniels, "Online Marketing,.."Flu (viruses) season, Robert Sullivan, "Are you an Entrepreneur? Steve Cole, "Own Home Page, Pt.2, KPS, Lamberts, "Rel. for N.B.O. Jamie Brook, "New,.. Network Mkting, Gayle Mitchell, Rel. for "Casino Gambling Book Kathy Mathews, "..Fear of Selling, Jeffrey Spencer, "E-Mail Newsletters, Gary's "Workin the Web..

THANK YOU, to all who have submitted things for us to mail out,.. and THANK YOU, to all Publishers who have printed the submissions sent to them in our Publisher Paks!
Gary Christensen (GChrist95w@aol.com)
Write Gary at: 999 N.W. Sycamore Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330

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