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Be sure to bookmark this web-site because I keep new items posted almost daily. Please send all submission for the "Writer's & Publisher's Connection" to Gary at: GChrist95w@aol.com

A message from our Chief Editor and Publisher:
Steve Cole

Welcome to Home-Income Cities Writers Connection Web-Site. This web site and the publication Self-Publishers MarketPlace was developed out of a need I found lacking during my research for "Good" material. It is hoped that this site will help fill that void and bring both writer and publisher together.

Over the many months of designing Home-Income Cities and publishing our various on line magazines I found an enormous need for such a service that this site will attempt to provide. My intentions are not only to help bring both publisher and writer together, but to also help foster the talents of many who desire to have their literary works find a "home" both off-line and/or on-line. I hope you will bookmark this web-site and come back many times. By all means… be sure to contact either Gary or me if you have any ideas or suggestions for this new site.

Now, a Message From Our Associate Editor:
Gary Christensen (GChrist95w@aol.com)

Are you a Freelance Writer? Do you submit Articles to Magazines, with the hope of seeing them Published?

What kind of things do you write? Have you Published your own Book? Do you write Columns or News Releases?

My Writer's Co-Op is always seeking material to send to our list of 90 Magazines! (The List of Publishers currently receiving our Monthly "Publisher Paks" is also located in this area!) Many Writer's send me their latest Article or Book excerpt or News Release and I use their monthly fee ($25.00 for up to 2 pages) to copy their Article or Release, put one copy into each of 90+ Packages .. along with other submissions,.. and my own latest column,.. put postage on each and send them out once a month!

There is also a List of WHAT we've mailed out, over the past few months,.. and WHICH of those submissions have appeared in print,.. and WHERE they have appeared!

Writers tell us this saves them a lot of time and postage each month, by doing this together, as a cooperative effort!

Publishers like this because instead of wondering WHO will send them a new article or other item, or wondering WHEN it will arrive,.. or IF anything new WILL come in,.. they now get ONE package, near the first of each month, with several new Articles and Releases inside!

If you're a writer, you know that to copy your 4 or 5 pages (your Article, and cover letter) could cost you 5c per copy,.. and if you're already doing all the work of sending out your own packages, alone, you're paying for the copies and all the postage yourself!! If each 9x12 envelope costs you 55c to mail,.. and you mail to 90 Publishers,.. you're paying about $50. or $60. every time for just the copies and postage!

If we receive articles from 12 Writers, and each sends their two pages, with their $25.00 fee, we have $300.00 to work with. 2 pages per Author,.. 12 Authors,.. means 24 originals to copy. If we make 90 copies of each pages - that's 2160 copies to make, at 5c each = $108.00 for the copies!

Each package contains 24 sheets, plus a cover letter, and maybe another page or two. Let's say 25 sheets of paper,.. means about $1.70 to mail each package! $1.70 times 90 Paks = $153.00 for postage! (Copies = $108. & postage $l53.) total of $261.00 - add to that the cost of the 90 envelopes (size 9x12), the cost of labels, the time to collate them all together,... Well, it's enough to say that this just about pays for itself each month!!

Each mailing is put together by Gary Christensen, at his home at: 999 N.W. Sycamore Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330. All Paks go out usually on the 27th of each month, and they are received by most Publishers on the 1st or 2nd of each month! Each Author who submits receives a Pak as well!

Come and join us for a mailing or two,.. you'll be back! Feel free to contact the Authors and Columnists that you see listed. They've all used our service, at one time or another. Many of their submissions have found their way into print! YOU can be a Published Writer, too! So, send us your new Article or Release and let's see what happens!

Gary Christensen (GChrist95w@aol.com)
Write Gary at: 999 N.W. Sycamore Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330

Visit Gary's Web-Site

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