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Well, we have finally done it! Automation towards it's fullest. I have finally taken the time out of my busy web-site schedule to automate the Writer's & Publisher's Connection. Please be forewarned that this site is still in it's beta test stages. Go ahead and place your Writer's or Publisher's listing. I am working daily on this new site so if you have access problems please stop back and try again. If you find your listing missing from time to time it might be because I am still working on the data base, so feel free to re-enter yourself if you want to. Or you can just wait till we get all the bugs ironed out. Click here to start this new online experience.

Everything should be self-explanatory for using this new site. However, if you have problems just let me know by e-mail. Please be sure to be specific on problem details. You will have to register for a user-id and password to add your listing or modify/delete your listing in the writers & publishers database (this is all FREE). Your user-id and password will also be good for other future sub-sites within the W & P Connection as I expand this site. Be sure to bookmark us and stop back from time to time. The next project I will be working on is HomeIncome Cities "Article Express". Article Express will allow all writers to place their articles (both new and old) within the Article Express Database for publishers to access.

One last tidbit. Be sure you do not make the mistake (like I always do) of hitting the enter key after the password (or other fields for that matter). You must click on the forms submit buttons after you make your entries on any particular form within the site.

TIP: If you do accidentally hit the "Enter" key (instead of the tab key) to go onto another field in a form, just make a quick click on the stop button and then proceed to continue on the form. This will stop the form from being processed until you are ready to click the submit button.

Just in case you have problems (and until everyone creates their own listing), I have left the prior version of Writer's Connection below for you to browse.

Yours for online Fun & Profits,
Steve Cole, Webmaster

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