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You may be listed as BOTH a Writer AND a Publisher,.. so you might get TWO of these messages. My apologies, but, I wanted to cover Everyone,.. Alll Writers and all Publishers,.. to make sure everyone has the same information! Forgive me if I've offended, by sending this!

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Our Current List of 65+ Writers,...

Please note that all these links are "Hot" links. I will try to find some time to make all the other links in the Writers Connection "Hot" links also., Geoff Williams, "Abundant News", Arthur Hawkins, Writer, Published Author, Alana Jordan, Writer, Editor "Jordan's Advertising News", Colleen Mandato, Writer, Network Marketer, James P. Roettger, writer, Dr. Robert Sullivan, Writer, Editor, "Advisor Nwsltr.", Tommy Edwards, Writer, Calohan, Writer, Christine Acosta, Writer, Chuck Rolleson's M.O. News & Views, Charles Rubin, 20 Hardware/Software books, Carol Zolna, Writer, Dave Sailors, Columnist, Everett L Atkinson, Freelance Writer, Nate Jefferson, "Environment and Health" Writer, Ed Simpson, Writer, "Home Business News", Adam Boettige, Editor of EXPOSURE! Newsletter, Frederick Pearce, Writer, Published Author, Gene Brown, Writer, Editor & Web Page Designer, Gene Pimentel, Amer. Home Bus. Digest, Jim Garvin, Writer, Writer, Editor of "Dollar Stretcher Newsletter", Gary Christensen, Writer, Editor "HomeMoney..", Gerald Bradley, Writer, Leon Johnson, Columnist, Editor, "Home Biz Opps.", Richard & Stacy, Home Business Mag., Herman Holtz, Columnist, Published author, Steve Cole, Writer, Editor, "HomeMoney, Paula Demers, Writer, "Home Profit Newsletter", Larry E. Wack, Writer, Editor, "Ryanna's Hope", John Fragosa, Writer, Jeff Gardner, Writer, Jay Levinson, President, Guerrilla Marketing, J. O'Callaghan, Columnist, Ent. Network,Inc., K. Mathews, "Stepping Stones" Magazine, Karen Lambert, Writer, editor " Nat'l Business Opps ", Jim Moore, Columnist, Author, Arthur Levin, Columnist, Jim Daniels, JDD Publishing, "The BizWeb", Paul Fishkind, MLM Central Mall, Shirley Hanson, Columnist, Newsletters, Books, Michael Tims, Columnist, Gary Lockwood, Writer, James Vuocolo, Writer, "Top Ten Lists", Wayne Sutton, Writer "Downline Reporter On-Line", Paul Myers, Editor, "Virtual Business Nwsltr.", Pat Aspray, Writer, Pat Flanagan, Publishing and Design, Freelance Writer, Paul Metcalf, Columnist, Paul Hartunian, Columnist, Chuck Huckaby, Writer, Editor "Profit Now", Nancy Roebke, Writer, Executive Director, Pat M. D'Acre, Writer, Published Author, Rita Barney, Writer, Publisher Author, Robert Imbriale, Writer, Published Author, Roxy Garcia, Writer, Publisher, Kathy Shaskan, Writer, Articles Posted on Net, Larry, Writer (mlm), Jeffrey Spencer, Author, Newsletter Publisher, Joseph R. Birkner, Writer "35 Steps to a Home Biz!", Adam Starchild, columnist, Marty Foley, columnist, George Kosech, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, John Pounders, writer, Dave Clark, "The Shilling"

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* * Note from Steve Cole, at: - He's placed a "Writer's Connection" page at his site (below) & will be adding our "List of Writers", there,.. and other "notes from Publishers" that we get. You might check it regularly,.. to see what's NEW,.. what's NEEDED,.. etc!!

Steve told me:

>>Just do me a favor and pass the word to these guys and gals that for the good of us all THEY could mention our web site for the "Writers Connection" in their publications. "The New Writers Connection at Home-Income Cities Mall is located at: <<

Steve will be Posting Information there, too, about "Self-Publishing" .. some Information about WHY We Write Articles for Publication,.. and MAYBE he will list All Publishers names there, too! So, as WRITERS visit the site,.. they will see YOUR name as Publisher, and contact YOU directly!! But, I WON'T allow Steve to put YOUR names there, until I hear that It's O.K. with you! I don't want to post everyone's name, only to hear from one or two or several of you who don't want your name posted there! So, let me hear from you, that It's O.K. to Post your name at :

Keep this list,.. post it by your computer,.. every time you have a need for a new article,.. send a Notice to everyone on the list! What can it hurt? AND you may get some Great Articles,.. for your Publication, or to use at your site,.. to help more visitors and READERS,.. (& those who receive your e-mailings (Your Newsletter) from you!

Till next time,.. or if you haven't heard from me for a while, visit Steve's Writer's Connection at:

Thanks, Gary

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