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"List of Available Articles"

 List of Available Articles", and the Writer who wrote each,..
Here's a Listing of Articles currently available for Publishers to use,..
to Insert into their Publications,.. and to Post at their sites.
These are available, so that anyone,.. other writers, other Publishers,
other visitors, can stop by and read these "blurbs" about your article and
request a copy direct from you!
Hopefully this will save Publishers a lot of time,.. and provide them
with news of your latest article,.. to help make their work load lighter,.. &
get word of YOUR latest article out to as many Publishers as possible!
When you write a NEW article, write up a short, 3-5 line "blurb" about
it,.. (1) Give it's title, (2) Put YOUR name as author; (3) Put the number
of words (Approx.) and (4) Give a few lines saying what the article is
about. Use the below examples as your guide,...
This is FREE advertising for you,.. Free circulation,.. Free Posting of
Info about YOUR latest Article! Send it to me at:
"Ten Steps to Climb for Mailorder Success" by Paula Demers, (712 wds.)
Covers ten steps to success; Decide what to do; Start as a Hobby; Have
a Plan; Fill orders quickly are a few of the Steps. No an extensive list,
but, to "give you a better understanding of what is needed for success."
(For a copy, contact Paula by e-mail at:
"Is Anybody Really Buying on the Internet?" by Jim Daniels of JDD
Publishing. (1209 words) "Is it all worth the trouble?" People on line
DO spend money! Author knows this first hand! Covers what's in
demand on the Net; How to post a webpage; promote it; through
Newsgroups, etc. Good How-to Info! (
"Maine Women Lead Way into Cyberspace" - A Release by Alice Anderson (516
words) Two women are extending their services to other women, on the
Internet. An extension of a New England Woman's Magazine. Their Site
contains a Directory; Profiles of other women on the Internet. (Write Alice
Andserson at e-mail:
"How to Make Money with your Computer" (The Computer Corner) Herb
Ehlers. (832 words) Covers the collecting; listing and selling of names.
offers money making, money saving advice about computers. Welcomes
submissions! (Contact Herb at:
"Make $50,000. by Mailing Two Letters" by Kathy Mathews. (1024 wds.)
Can't judge this article by it's title. Lessons the writer learned; The
planning involved; It's risky; Some succeed, others don't. You gotta work at
your business! (Contact Kathy at:
"Quit Smoking, Through the Herbal Solution" - A Release by Pat Aspray
(823 words) 10 Day Smoking Cessation program; Doctor recom- mended, through
use of a Natural Herbal Solution. Offers to produce income for those who get
involved. (Pat's at:
"Do you want your own Business? Stop Making Excuses!" By Terry Thomas (1019
words) If you want Financial Freedom, Just do it! What
about capital; No time? No Talent? No Education? Not Ready? Get off
your butt and do something! (Write Terry at:
"National Business Opportunity Magazine" A Release by Karen Lambert of KPS
Enterprises (1014 words) The New Magazine; One Review has stated; "good
material, tasefully done." They accept articles; lots of
Informative items! (Write to Karen at:
"Two forms of Advertising" by Gary Christensen (559 words) A Billboard is
Passive; A Local Magazine is active advertising! You can use both; Is your
website like a billboard, & no one knows where it is, unless you do more
advertising to give it's location? 4 Ways to get people to visit
your site, again & again! (Gary's at:
"The Doers verses the Takers" by Paula Demers (433 words) "The takers
expect others to make them money; The doers look at it as a challenge!
Unfortuneately, here are more takers than doers. Decide what you will be!"
(Contact Paula at:
"Talk for Sales" by Dr. Kevin Nunley (169 words) "Public Speaking? Me?
Yes,.. it's a lot easier than it sounds!" Check at libraries; call other
organizations. Talk about promoting & marketing their organization!
Give your sales pitch at the end! (Write Kevin at: Dr
"Trade for Ads" by Kevin Nunley (158 words) What to do when you have
no cash for ads? Trade! Radio station trade commercials for property;
A donut shop gave free donuts to another station and got free publicity!
Trade with Media! (6 short articles) (Write Kevin at: Dr
"Success in Cyberspace" by Andrea Barrett (1113 words) Got a Web Page? Great!
Now, you gotta promote your site! Register it with search engines; Use Key
words; Exchange links with others; Post ads to News
groups, Mass e-mails, etc. (Reach Andrea at:
"How to profit on the Internet if you have a computer." by Steve Cole, The
Targetman. (853 words) Typesetters can offer to type in customer ads into a
text editor; Sell ads on the Internet. Also, good info about the
best kind of hardware to have. (Steve's at:
"Multiply your Opportunities" by Dr. Robert Sullivan (422 words) Some ways
to "bring in extra cash",.. Write articles; Present a seminar; Produce a
tape; Give a speech, plus others. Opportunities are every where. Information
is a good product! (Bob's at: