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"Current List of 124 Writers"

 The current list of 124 Writers,..
(Publishers: Contact these Writers, for your Article needs!)

This list is current as of June 9, 1997. These Writers and Authors have approved of their individual listings, below. If you're a Publisher who's seeking Freelance Writers, this list should serve you well. Contact each; request a synopsis of their articles, etc. If you're a Writer who's seeking exposure (for a by-line) and you'd like to be listed here, contact Gary at: Gapach97@aol.com - Send a "one line listing" similar to ones you see, below. (Please, DO NOT send your latest offers to this list, or otherwise fill their e-mail boxes with unsolicited e-mails. Thank You.) "Current List of 124 Writers on the Web"
Please note that these links are not "hot" to make them "Hot" just cut and paste the list in an e-mail message to yourself. I (Steve) will be automating this page (do to very popular demand). So be on the lookout for this New, up and coming "FREE" service. Please tell your friends and colleagues about this site.

aba651@airmail.net , Andrea Barrett, Writer, Author, Web Publishing
abundant@powerup.com.au, Geoff Williams, "The Abundant News"
arthur.hawkins@sbaonline.gov, A. Hawkins, Freelance writer
alana@crl.com, Alana Jordan's Advertising News, Home biz, advertsng.
anthony@corporate.com, Anthony Renzette, online business resources
arkham@buffnet.net, Paul Myers, Writer, "Virtual Business News"
arothman@fia.net, Alan Rothman, Freelance Writer
august12@aol.com, Colleen Mandato, Writer, Network Marketer
Author5@Juno.com, James P. Roettger, Writer
AzJaffe@aol.com, Azriela Jaffe, Writer, Columnist, Newsletter Editor
bizwizz@geocities.com, Ryan Roberts, Online Success, How-To Reports
bmg@planttel.net,, Jerry Goodwin, Writer, Editor, "Health Newsletter"
BobLeduc@aol.com, Bob Leduc, Small Business Promotion, How-to
bobs@isquare.com, Dr. Robert Sullivan, Small and Home business info
booklets@winning.com, Paulette Ensign, Home-based biz how-to
booskurt@dial.eunet.ch, Kurt Boos, Writer, Independant Info. Broker
booksell@gate.net, Tommy Edwards, Writer, Electronic Media
Bronx1@erols.com, Phyllis Sheerin Ross, Freelance Writer
bryce@webworker.com, Bryce Jackson, Writer, Publisher Author
calohan@bigmagic.com, Mr. Calohan, Freelance Writer
CEO@Citadel.Net, Leonard Manion, Networking, Audio Marketing (tm)
ceo@woodscapital.com, Robert Woods, Writer, Finance & Business
chaleena@cdsnet.net, Christine Acosta, Freelance Writer
chinookpub@tenforward.com, Clear, concise, business writing, any subj.
chuck@ezonline.com, Chuck Rollasn, Mail Order News & Opportunities
cjvallot@gatewest.net, C.J. Vallotton, Single Parenting, Fitness, etc.
comptypsvcs@juno.com, Richard Barner, Freelance Writer, Computers
cooperco@mindspring.com, John Cooper, Freelance Writer
corp@ssnet.com, James E. Huckfeldt, Writer, Published Author
crispen@campus.mci.net, Patrick D. Crispen, Co-Author of "TOURBUS"
csteinbe@us.oracle.com, Cathy Steinberg, Writer, Published Author
czolna@aol.com, Carol Zolna, Writer, Instructional Design, Training
datatam@gte.net, Tammy VanDerHeyden, Writer, Web Site Designer
DeeEnnen@aol.com, Diana Ennen, Writer, Author, "Words From Home"
DrNunley@aol.com, Kevin Nunley, Media Advisor, Business Writer
dsailors@apaynet.com, Dave Sailors, Freelance Writer, Columnist
eatkin@juno.com, Everett Atkinson, Writer, How-To Financial Information
eco-tech@cvn.net, Nate Jefferson, Writer, Health, Environmental issues
enacon@usadvertiser.com, Frank Williams, Writer, Published Author
esimpson@zoomnet.net, Ed Simpson, Writer, "Home Business News"
ewrites@aol.com, Marilynne Rudick, Writing Consultant, E-mail Tips
exposure@usa.net, Adam Boettige, Editor of 'EXPOSURE!' Newsletter
fergus@cadvision.com, Randy Ferguson, Published Author, Writer
FrankBaGer@aol.com, Frank Bauer, Freelance writer, Published author
fvraley@erols.com, Fred Raley, Writer, Network Marketing Topics
gapserv@aol.com, Gene Pimentel, "American Home Business Digest"
Garvco@aol.com, James Garvin, Freelance Writer
gary@stretcher.com, Writer, Editor of "Dollar Stretcher Newsletter"
Gapach97@aol.com, Gary Christensen, Writer, Home-Based Biz Topics
gear@primenet.com, Gina Rea, Freelance Writer, Author
grannyof12@aol.com, Naomi Dixon, Freelance Writer, "Dream Maker"
Greg@Landry.com, Greg Landry, M.S., Weight Loss & Fitness articles
hboaz@netwrx.net, Leon Johnson, Columnist, Editor, "Home Biz Opps."
hehlers@juno.com, Herb Ehlers, Writer, Editor "Computer Corner"
henderso@ix.netcom.com, Richard & Stacy, 'Home Business Magazine'
holtz@paltech.com, Herman Holtz, Columnist, Published Author
Homeprneur@aol.com, Julia Tavis, Work-At-Home Chat Newsletter
Homeprofit@aol.com, Paula Demers, Writer, "Home Profit Newsletter"
ho89@juno.com, Larry Wack, Writer, Home-based Newsletter Publisher
IMSinc1@aol.com, David Sternberg, Internal Mrktng, Business Mgmnt.
info@corporate.com, Jim Huckfeldt, SOHO business info services
IXL@Citadel.Net, Leonard Manion, Freelance Writer
javaweb@aol.com, Sonya Lichte, Freelance Writer, Published Author
JAYVIEW@aol.com, Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, "Guerrilla Marketing."
jfragosa@silcom.com, John Fragosa, Freelance Writer
jgardner@carlsbadnm.com, Jeff Gardner, Freelance Writer
jlevinson@gmarketing.com, Jay Levinson, President, Guerrilla Marketing
JohnOC29@aol.com, J. O'Callaghan, Business Entrepreneur Advice
kari@olywa.net, Kari Sable, Copy Writer, Internet Journalist, Marketing
KATHYMATHE@juno.com, Kathy Mathews, "Emerald Coast News"
ke6yta@superstore.com, Mike Haines, Debt Reduction, MLM
kline@referrals.com, Carl Kline, MBA, "Internet Marketing on a Budget"
KMDaigle@aol.com, Kerry Daigle, Writer, "Network your way to Millions"
lalise@aol.com, Lalise Scott, Freelance Writer, "Money Maker"
leonard.bogle@st.com, Len Bogle, Freelance writer, MLM specialist
Lonier@aol.com, Terri Lonier, Author, "Working Solo"
lorrin@global-homebiz.com, Lorrin L. Lee, Writer, Published Author
mail@JDD-Publishing.com, Jim Daniels, Writer, Publisher of "BizWeb"
marlas@emi.net, Marla Saunders, Writer, Publisher of "HomeLight"
McAtty@aol.com, Gini McCall, Freelance Writer
MLMAtty@aol.com, Gerald Nehra, Multi-Level Marketing Topics
mdharris@wizard.net, Monique, Writer, "The Marketing Moguls"
MLMCentral@aol.com, Paul Fishkind, MLM Central Mall
money@southcoast.net, William Cate, Consultant, Writer, Lecturer
mrktenergy@aol.com, Shirley Hanson, Columnist, Newsletters, Books
MTims48021@aol.com, Michael Tims, Freelance Writer
murray@ecn.net.au, Murray Gray, Writer, Harvest Marketing Systems
MyBizCoach@aol.com, Gary Lockwood, Business, entrepreneur how-to
netcoach@empirenet.com, Dr. Jim Vuocolo, Biz. & Personal Coaching
nsi@coastalnet.com, Wayne Sutton, Writer "Downline Reporter On-Line"
Pageone1@aol.com, Lynn Kerrigan. Home-based Business issues
PeggKelley@aol.com, Peg, Creativity, Getting ideas, Problem-Solving
pmetcalf298@msn.com, Paul Metcalf, Freelance Columnist
PPH@intac.com, Paul Hartunian, Columnist, Publisher Author
PrimeWave@aol.com, Brian Smith, Writer, Home-Based Biz Topics
ProfitCPH@aol.com, Chuck Huckaby, Writer, Editor "Profit Now" Nwsltr.
profnet@emi.net, Nancy Roebke, Author, Relationship-Develpmt. Skills
prosperitypat@winning.com, Patrick D'Acre, Freelance Writer
publisher@e-mags.com, Debby Morrow, Freelance Writer
pweber@widomaker.com, Ms. Pat Weber; Speaker; Trainer; Sales Tips
rhggr007@aol.com, Robert T. Hanks, Freelance Writer
roberti@ix.netcom.com, Robert Imbriale, Writer, Published Author
RobertsLMR@aol.com, Lisa Roberts, Book Author, "Working@Home"
ROXYSPlace@aol.com, Roxy Garcia, Writer, Publisher
scole@homeincome.com, Steve Cole, Writer, Editor, "HomeIncome"
shreck@ptd.net, Rachel Shreckengast, "Wedding Dollars & Sense",
HOOP@aol.com, Larry, Writer, Multi-Level Marketing Topics
smalf@inet.net, Scott Malfitano, liability protection for small businesses
snix@magpage.com, Sheldon D. Nix, Ph.D, Writer, Published Author
ssimail@ix.netcom.com, Jeffrey Spencer, Home biz., Internet trends
starco@juno.com, Joe Birkner, New Business Start-ups, Mail Order info
stockholm8@aol.com, Susie Stockholm, Writer, Internet and Business
eil@aol.com, Neil Schebetta, Writer, on A.O.L. "Money WHiz"
TJTPUB@aol.com, Terry Thomas, "M.O. News" Home/Small Biz How-to
TOrganized@aol.com, Janet Taylor, "Small & Home Office Organization"
usng@sofnet.com, Dean Garrison, Writer, Multi-Level Marketing topics
victory@infohwy.com, Marty Foley, Columnist
visionnary@earthlink.net, Debra Mosby, Writer, "Rare Earth Press"
webmaster@worldprofit.com, George Kosch, Worldprofit Mall & Mag.
WEBSTER.RES@prodigy.com, Gayle Mitchell, "Casino Gambling" book
yacht50@aloha.net, Thom Reece, Direct Response; Web Marketing, etc.
71754.2212@compuserve.com, John Pounders, writer
74164.3350@compuserve.com, Kenneth A. Riddle, Freelance Writer
76641640@compuserve.com, Ellen & Patricia, Freelance Writers