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The back issue version of W & P Connection


W&P -Article Express ->(This is under construction TODAY! But have fun looking!)

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Some TIPS To Help YOU and YOUR W & P Listing Work For YOU.
Be on the lookout for more TIPS to come.

Some FAQs:

Q: When will "Article Express" be ready for me to submit my own articles?

A: Hopefully I will be able to complete "Article Express" within the next few weeks. So bookmark us and stop back. By the way, once you get your User-id and Password you will be able to use them to get access to the new-up-and-coming Article Express and any other new W&P websites.

Q: I am using a MAC and AOL version 2.7 software and it looks like there are some fields missing.

A: I am looking into this problem to see if it is bug on my end or on AOL's end. Mean while I recommend that you use and try an alternative browser and/or ISP if you can. Maybe a friend can help you list. I have been informed that the IBM version of AOL 3.0 works fine.

Q: I hit my "Enter" key after I enter my password and nothing happens or I get and error message.

A: You must not hit the "Enter" key to move from field to field. You can use the tab key or use your mouse to move the cursor.

Q: I read all your tips and your FAQ's and I still do not see my listing when I view.

A: There is a lot of "search" power tools included throughout the W & P Connection. It could be that you did not enter the proper search fields. The more you enter the more restricted your search will be.

Q: You give me to many choices and this totally confused me.

A: The best answer here is for you to just click on the "Search" button and see what happens. This will give you a simple default listing.

Q: I still cannot figure this stuff out.

A: Then just drop me a note with your details and URL of what and where you are having a problem and I will try to help you. E-mail: Steve Cole

Here are some more TIPs :

#1. Please Note: Registration is a 2-Step process. You must first use "Submit to our Database" to:
(a.) Obtain a Registation UserID and Password. This process allows you to have access to the W & P Database.
(b.) You then use your UserID and Password to login to submit your listing, to modify your listing, and/or to delete your listing.

None of the information that you provide us with during the Registration process is used for the W & P Listing Data base. The UserID and Password is needed to access the W & P Database. For you to be listed in the W & P Database you must create a listing.

#2. Feel free to list yourself once with the Category "Writer" and then again with the Category "Publisher".

#3. Use the "Quick-Search" link to display listings in all Categories. Once in the "Quick-Search" you can expand listings displayed by clicking on the "Include Comments In Listing" Check-Box.

#4. To narrow your search use the "Advanced-Search Display" link. The more entries you place in this form the more precise your listing display will be.

#5. Be on the lookout for our next addition to the W & P Connection called "Article Express". Article Express will allow all Writers to enter and submit articles to the Article Express Database. The Article Express Web Site will be linked with the W & P Connection Web Site Database to allow readers to see your articles.

#6. The "Articles to appear in:" section within each W & P listing is for the future expansions and links between the Article Express Web Site when it is complete, and the W & P Connection listing. In the future readers will be able to click on any of the publications that are listed in the "Articles to appear in:" to get an instant hyper-link to that publication. The reader will then be able to see your articles that have been submitted to Article Express. This is an optional field for all Writers. If you choose not to have your articles to appear in any of the listed publications then do not check-off any publication boxes. All registered W & P Writers will be notified when Article Express is ready for article submitting.

Give Us Your Questions Please!

We are currently building a FAQ's page to help all users of the new Writer's and Publisher's Connection Automated Web-Site. Feel free to send any questions about parts of this site that might need better explanations than what already is contained within each page.

If you are reporting a problem or question please be sure to include details on the URL that you are referring to and as much detail about what you did or did not do to cause the problem.

Send all to:Steve Cole

Have fun!

Steve Cole,
HomeIncome Cities Webmaster.

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