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Want to join any one of the IHBA WebRings?
In the box below, just click on the Webring category that you are interested in joining.
Then read the "Add Me Page".
After adding all the Webring nav-bar code to your page (that you signed up as) you are done and that is it.
It really is that simple to join. No need to email us because it is all automatic.
You will be automatically notified by email of your steps and process ... and we will then look over your site and send you an email if we accept your site.

Click the category WebRing you are interested in (only one webring per page please!):
IMPORTANT: Please be sure to place the ring code on the same URL (web page) that you direct folks to in the ring.  This keeps our ring "un-broken" and prevents our software from suspending you from the ring!. Thank you!

Click link of choice for Joining the webring...

Mail-Order Publications
Business Writers Connection
Hobby and Craft Profits
HomeBiz Opportunities
Pen-Pal World (Coming Soon)
Biz Newsletters Online Connection (Coming Soon)
Modeling World (Coming Soon)
Real-estate World (Coming Soon)
Alternative Medicine Connection (Coming Soon)
Entertainment World (Coming Soon)

We are currently under heavy construction so …
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HomeIncome Cities WebRi...
Mail-Order Publications...
Hobby-Craft Profits Web...
Gift-World WebRing
Business Writers WebRin...

For more info on the Coming Soon webrings, OR if you have any problems or questions with placing your code or adding your site please contact Steve Cole
Please be specific with your questions as I have over 8,000+ sites to maintain!

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