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6 Popular
"Internet Marketing Tips"
by Jim Daniels

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Tip #1 "Hot Newsgroups"

Before the birth of the World Wide Web, online marketers relied heavily on newsgroups. Although many have slowly wandered away from this method net marketing, newsgroups are definitely surviving (and thriving).

I recently I made trip to some business related newsgroups to check out the traffic. What I saw was a steady flow of posts, some numbering over one hundred per day. These raw numbers alone, lend support to the rationale that newsgroup marketing is worthwhile.

With that said, we've decided to give you a bit of a jump start. If you're interested in trying newsgroup marketing, the following list should keep you busy for a little while. Below you'll find 34 of the most popular newsgroups among online marketers.

Remember, if you're new to newsgroup marketing, it's always a good idea to "lurk" or read some other posts before you post to any newsgroup. Many newsgroups DO NOT accept blatant advertising. You CAN market in these newsgroups, but you must do it by posting helpful messages, marketing only with the aid of a short effective signature.

If you're not ready to spend time reading and posting to these newsgroups right now, you may want to at least consider saving the list for future use. Although the world may not beat a path to your offer, newsgroup marketing is free. When used regularly, it can become an integral part of your online marketing campaign.

Tip #2 Using META Tags.

It is very important to insert META tags into all of your web pages since some of the more popular search engines rely on these tags. (AltaVista and Infoseek to name a couple.)

The META tags you use tell the search engines two things...

1) The description of your web page(s).
2) The keywords relevant to your page(s).

If you know html, you probably know how to use meta tags. However if you're using one of the many web authoring software programs now on the market, inserting META tags can be tricky.

As a Microsoft Frontpage user, I fall into that category. Therefore I'll use my own experience as an example.

The newest version of FrontPage lets me edit html code from inside the program. No problem. However the previous version and many other web authoring programs do not offer this option. Here's how I accomplished the feat.

Using Windows Notepad, I opened up each .htm file in my Web and inserted the following lines of text between "<head>" and "</head>".

<meta name="description" content="My Page Title"> <meta name="keywords" content="my keywords">

Naturally, you'll be replacing "My Page Title" with "your page title" and "my keywords" with " your keywords" relevant to your pages. Leave the rest of the text as is.

If you haven't done this on your web page(s) I suggest you do it today. There's no doubt you'll receive better ranking in the search engines that use META Tags to index pages.

Tip #3 "Get Listed!"

In this fast paced internet environment, it seems that people change ISP's more often than their socks! Many times people lose valuable contacts in the process. With this in mind, here are a few URL'S to jot down.

Although there are plenty more, we've listed some of the services that allow you to search AND list your business for FREE. When you need to find a business you've lost contact with, now you have a great place to start.

WED World Email Directory. Estimated access to more than 12 Million email addresses and more than 140 Million business and phone numbers worldwide!

The Global On-Line Directory. A "Yellow Pages" Guide to the Internet. is an easy way to find telephone numbers, area code and country code information, e-mail addresses, and website locations.

Yellow Pages Online, Inc. More than 18 Million Listings Of U.S. businesses "Search by category, keywords, company name and associated brand name.

If you're business is on the net, not only should you save these URL's, it's a good idea to take a few minutes to visit these sites and list your company. You never know when one of your valued customers will need to find you. Heck, one of them may be jotting down those URL'S right now!

Tip #4 "Your Internet Marketing Campaign Should Revolve Around This One Principle!"

Just this week, a newcomer to internet marketing asked me a question we all should consider carefully. Her question was this, "Being new to this marketing medium, I'd like to know what you see as the "big picture" or a constant I should stay focused on?"

It took about 3 nanoseconds for the answer to pop into my head! My reply was as follows...

"The number one reason people are online in the first place is to find information. Specifically, FREE information." Which bears out the following, "Net marketers who provide valuable content will keep people coming back. Keeping people coming back, is one of, if not the most important factor in any marketing campaign. It dramatically increases the chances of someone actually purchasing your wares."

So there it is. The big picture. A focus. No matter what you're marketing, you probably know plenty about it. Share your knowledge. Create a FREE report and give it to anyone who's interested. Start a FREE electronic newsletter about the subject. Submit articles to other newsletters. Create an information rich website.

These are just a few of the many ways to offer free info online. And remember, not only will you be helping your fellow netizens learn, you'll be running an effective marketing campaign!

Tip #5 - The Do's of Net Marketing

We'd like to pass along some net marketing do's today. We'll stay positive and forget about the don'ts. If you're marketing on the internet, consider each of the following ...

DO- Give away free information. The number one reason people are on the net is access to information! Even if your goal is to sell something, focus on offering some valuable information to your prospective customers.

DO- Submit articles and press releases to online AND traditional newsletters and magazines at least once a month. FREE exposure just can't be beat!

DO- Visit NewsGroups as often as you submit press releases. Post some helpful information and you may learn a thing or two in the process.

DO- Keep the amount of graphics on your web pages to a minimum. Web surfers seem to be a very impatient lot. Text loads much faster than gifs and jpegs. Most won't wait more than 15 seconds before clicking that stop button and moving on!

DO- Write down ALL of your new ideas! Are you constantly brainstorming? Don't let a single idea slip away. Keep a running list. Review and act on the best ideas without delay!

DO- Take a few hours every week to just surf the web. Focus on learning something new each time. Knowledge is the #1 key to success!

Tip #6 "Tell The Real World!"

Internet Marketing takes on many faces. When promoting your business, not only is it important to focus on your fellow netizen, your campaign must cross over into the "Real World" as well.

Most of you already realize that the best way to get free exposure in the real world is by submitting articles and press releases.

Using Newspapers and Television Stations as a primary focus in this area can work wonders. If you have something "newsworthy", your local media may be very interested. In addition to your hometown press, media outlets in your birthplace and any other town you may have lived in may be interested as well.

Many marketers agree that the hardest part in doing this is obtaining all the necessary contacts. NOT ANY MORE! Thanks to Gebbie Press: The All-In-One Media directory, this valuable information is now a few clicks away!

Simply visit and Presto! USA Weekly papers and TV stations broken down by state. Simply save the file, open with a word processor (created using MS Word 6.0) and print! They're even formatted for instant Avery 5160 type labels!

Gebbie Press also offers a complete TV database, a gratis, as well as 1,000 plus emails for Radio and about 400 emails for TV stations, also for free at their site. In short, some terrific resources for publicity, at NO cost.

They also have e-mails and toll-free's for about 575 Daily papers, but these are on disk only, and not posted to the website. Another low/no cost publicity avenue.

Visit today! I can assure you I'll be there. With my new book coming out late this spring, I feel like I've stumbled upon a gold mine of information!

These tips courtesy of JDD Publishing, Home of "The BizWeb E-Gazette!" For a free lifetime subscription, For free information on low cost, effective internet marketing, send or visit

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