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Get Rich Realistically

Some Realistic Ways to Save Money While You Make Money

Places to contact Kathy Mathews -- mail order networking expert:
Email: KMathews@juno.com

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Page 1 By Kathy Mathews

"Get Rich Realistically"

This is the theme song of Kathy Mathews, networking curmudgeon and publisher of the Stepping Stones, networking's most entertaining trade paper. Since 1990, the Stepping Stones has helped people make money with mail-focused home businesses. Kathy has a sterling reputation for "telling it like it is". If you are looking for ways to make some extra money with a home-based business, Kathy can help you avoid mistakes by pointing you in the right direction. Kathy has the start-up plan that controls your "tuition payments" (aka start-up investment) to $100.00 a month. She advocates people without strong marketing skills limit themselves to a small marketing niche known as the "Inner Circle" and then broaden their marketing scope as they master the basic direct marketing skills. This web site allows you to sample the Stepping Stone's concepts, information, products, and services for free.

> Sample articles from back issues of the Stepping Stones... Learn some of the money-making, money-saving strategies that help people get the most of their start-up investment.

> "Saving Graces"... Information on Inner Circle professional organization that can help you squeeze the most out of a small start-up home business investment.

> "The Cheaper than Rent" Plan... The report scamsters and hypesters don't want you to read.

Places to contact Kathy Mathews -- mail order networking expert:
Email: KMathews@juno.com

Classifax Monthly: 1-803-548-3299 doc #3468 (fax-on-demand)
Looking for an Realistic Opportunity??? Call: 1-803-548-3299 doc #3404 & 2012

Kathy Mathews' Publications
PO Box 270750
Fort Collins, CO 80527

E-mail KMathews@juno.com

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Page 2 By Kathy Mathews

Saving Graces.....
Some Realistic Ways to Save Money
While You
Make Money
By: Kathy Mathews
(C) 1996, KMP. All Rights Reserved.
PO Box 270750 $$$ Ft Collins, CO 80527

A few of the ways mail order networking expert, Kathy Mathews tames the budget dragon. Mail order's best known "cheapskate", shows you some useful ideas on saving money on your business expenses.

Kathy's Bottom Line Success Strategy:
Never Pay FULL Price
When YOU Can Get a Discount!!

Being a Savings Fanatic has gotten me more mileage from my cash flow. These ideas were especially helpful back when I started my business in 1989. In short, I know what it's like to squeeze an extra 10,000 circulation for my ads from a dribbling business income. But, I'll let you into a little secret, NOW that I'm making over $2,000 a week "stuffing" envelopes, I still don't have all the money I want to do all the things I want to do with my business. Home businesses are like real life. You NEVER have enough money no matter how much you have coming in.

So, all you babies thinking you're going to have more money than you can ever spend from networking, think again. One, it'll take longer than most recruiters (not the grunts who fell for the line) tell you. Two, you'll have any income spent long before it reaches your wallet.

You've got two choices. You can "take your ball home and not play" or you can learn how to manage a home business that grows. Granted it'll take you time to learn all the techniques you need to know. However, if you plan wisely and learn the ropes, the result will be a financial freedom that you'll never have with a nine-to-five job. Why? Because you are the boss. You call the shots.

So, the grumpy networking curmudgeon invites you to save with these time tested offers which can also provide you with some profit-boosting back-end sales offers.

One Stop Ad Brokerage

Give YOUR Ads a Break Today!!
30,000 Real Circulation in Top-Rated Tabloids, Only $45.00 per inch.

Only the "Cream" of the crops (including the STEPPING STONES) is in this group. No inflated readership here. Just good solid copies mailed to good lists. You've tried the rest, now advertise with the best for only $1.50 per camera-ready inch per 1,000. These are papers where Kathy places her own ads.

The FINE PRINT: Please send six copies of your ad with your order. If you place your order for three times, you can deduct 10% from the total, but please include 18 copies of your ad. For you convenience, we take VISA & MasterCard. Please include card number and expiration date with your request to charge your ad order.

Order from:
PO Box 270750
Fort Collins, CO 80527-0750

E-mail KMathews@juno.com

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E-mail KMathews@juno.com


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