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We appreciate your stopping by to visit. We a home-based, mail-order publishing and marketing business offering reliable services to the mail-order industry. The home business is the fastest growing segment of America's work force - and mail-order comprises the largest percentage of that growth. Millions are either earning extra income or working full-time at home in mail-order, multi-level marketing and other networking businesses.

As home entrepreneurs progress toward the 21st century, they are incorporating the use of their computers, with the WWW, and broadening the range of their business and their income potential. The possibilities are limitless. The rewards can be tremendous.

Your interest in our web site means you are also interested in ways you can add to your income and start, or improve, your own home business. We publish the mailorder marketing newspaper, "SmartShopper" as well as two newsletters, the "Mailorder Insider" and "Profit Source". We also have a mini-magazine, "Super Mailorder Opportunities". Any or all of these publications can help you. If you are just becoming interested in this industry, you will find that the more you will earn and the quicker you will succeed. Mailorder publications and web sites are the best places to start.

For more information about our publications, click on our other locations or write to:

Daile Tucker
PMG Publishing
PO Box 3096,
Hueytown, AL 35023.>

Please note that our NEW site is currently under construction. So please be sure to stop back.

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