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How To Earn
A Monthly Income of $4,370.00
or More FOR LIFE -

. . .just By Giving Away FREE Calling Cards!

(You'll Earn a Commission every Single Time A Card You Give Away Is Used!). As a SKYCOM agent you have the opportunity to market the finest calling card product in America, the VoiceNet International Card.

We believe this card is superior for a number of reasons: First, this calling card offers a tremendous rate. You have the option of offering the end-user a flat interstate/intrastate rate of 18.9 per minute. This rate is for 24 hours, anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

This is unheard of. And the origination rates are just as competitive. No Selling, No Employees, No Overhead, No Money to Collect, Work From Your Home, Less Than $50 in start-up cost, Lifetime Residual Income, No Boss, No Quotas, No Hassles.

Your best customers will be heavy calling card users, such as Travelers, Truckers, College Students, Business People, Military Personnel, Page Users and other calling card users.

For a Prospectus send two F/C STAMPS TO:

POB 5393
TAMPA, FL. 33675-5393.

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HomeMoney Free Mall Plaza
HomeMoney Free Mall Plaza

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