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Free Mall Plaza
of Chicago offers you these
five fabulous offers:

#1) $3 Bills-"Three Dolls of Bill, Hillary, Reno & Elders"-2 for $1.

#2) Genuine Wooden Buffalo Nickel-"Good for one Hillary and Bill's Health Care Card at $1 each.

#3) 1976 Petro $, "In Oil We Trust" at $1 each.

#4) AIDS-The man-made biological plague-complete report that details the creation and release of biological warfare agent that became human kind's greatest killer. $5 for complete report.

#5) Stinky Feet Society of America. Finally! The perfect opportunity to pay back the constant prankster of surprise a mischievous friend or relative! Nominate them to the "Stinky Feet Society of America"! Imagine their surprise when they receive an anonymous humorist nominating letter from the society. Ideal for Birthdays, Holidays, Parties, Gifts, etc. Perfect for those who clear a room simply by removing their shoes! Turn the table on someone who is always playing a jokes & embarrassing others. The nomination is free, just send $2 postage and handling for each nomination letter to sponsor-Tom Petros.

Send Your Orders To:
Tom Petros
5404 S. Mozart
Chicago, IL 60632

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