How secure is your job? Are you TOTALLY happy with your present financial situation? Do you ever worry about money or being laid off from work? Why continue to be miserable in your present situation?

Having a HOME BUSINESS means more time for fun & recreation! With your own home business, you will work when you want, where you want and as often as you want to - YOU CALL THE SHOTS! You will enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please, making your own hours and controlling your own destiny.


YOU'RE DOING WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU'RE THE BOSS! It's easy to make money - even for those with no skills. Many successful in-home workers are unskilled, untrained and inexperienced when they started and previously held no regular job.

They include those who are now making more than $100,000 per year. About half are working full-time out of their homes, others are working part-time and are planning to become a full-time business. So, lack of specific skills is no bar to a successful career in the home business field.


14 million home businesses are full-time and are increasing at the rate of 500,000 per year.
13 million home businesses are part-time and are increasing at the rate of 600,000 per year.
66% home businesses are owned by women, although men are catching up.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO CHANGES YOUR LIFE - TAKE ACTION TODAY! Details call toll-free 1-800-326-3012 Code # 1255. 24 hr. recorded message. Fax-On-Demand (281)398-5611 #761 or for free booklet, send $3 S&H to:
PO Box 2736, Dept. 1255
Newport News, VA 23609

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