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Make Money on the Internet!!! No Computer Necessary! Reserve Your Place on the Information Super-Highway. Be Ready for the Challenges of Tomorrow...Register Today! The "Net" Club

Your Message Can Reach Millions On The Internet. Member Benefits Include :
*Your Own Free Web Page (with Free one-time set up of up to 400)
*Your 5-Line Classified Ad Broadcast FREE By E-Mail Each Month
*Your 5-Line Classified Ad FREE On Our Web Site Each Month
*Deep Discounts on Internet and Print Media Advertising(Dozens of Sources)

3 Wide by 6 Deep Matrix

*$15 of every $25 membership payment is allocated towards commissions!

*3 wide matrix promotes spillover, while 6 deep matrix allows you to build depth.

*$4113 monthly income potential from matrix that pays $3 on level one, $3 on level two, $1 on level three, $2 on level four, $1 on level five and $5 on level six.

*$15 Fast Start Bonus (in lieu of first month's commissions) on everyone you personally sponsor, allowing rapid return on investment.

Build an Income of Up to $4113 per month
First Level 3x$3 $ 9
Second Level 9x$3 27
Third Level 27x$1 27
Fourth Level 81x$2 162
Fifth Level 243x$1 243
Sixth Level 729x$5 3645
Potential Monthly Income= $4113

Note: The above example is for illustration purposes only. No promises, representations or guarantees are made as to what, if any income, you will actually derive from the program. Considerable effort may be required to achieve any level of success.

Your owe it to yourself to sign up now!
Membership Application

Please accept my application for membership in The "Net" Club and rush my Welcome Pack. I understand that membership payments are $25 per month (U.S) ($30 for foreign members). On that basis, enclosed is my first month's payment.
Soc. Security No._____________________
Sponsor: Bruce Shanks (506) 366-5386
Sponsor's ID# N-1005

Send your completed application, including payment to:
The "Net" Club
c/o JRS Printing & Advertising
P.O. Box 2508
Calcutta, OH 43920


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