earn how to make extra money in mail order with a FREE dealership promoting "Money In The Mail Video Course!"


This is our new 1997 marketing plan that keeps on paying our dealers month after month, week after week, year after year. Unlimited Income For A One Time Purchase Of A Total Of $79.95 For The Course! All you do is mail the circular that sells the complete video course, run a few small ads and soon you'll be getting $20.00 & $30.00 checks and money orders in your mail daily!

Money In The Mail Video Course teaches you How To Make Money from home in the mail order business. The Video Course Includes The Following:

500 Money Making Reports on 3.5 Disk - Where To Run Your Ads For As Little AS $1.00 - Free Advertising - Free Samples Of 20 Mail Order Publications - Your Name Listed With 200 Mail Order Dealers As Wanting Money Making Opportunities, You'll Be Flooded With Offers - Free Dealerships That Pay You BIG Commissions - 50% Discount On Advertising - Certificates Good For FREE Advertising - Free Classified Advertising on the Internet - 10 Circulars That You Can Copy, Add Your Name And Get 100% Profit.


Simply Follow These EASY Instructions and Cash The Checks and Money Orders as You Receive Them Daily!
(1.) Make A Check or Money Order Payable To The Prime Source Below For $29.95.
(2.) Make A Check or Money Order For $20.00 Payable To The Dealer In Box #1.
(3.) Make A Check or Money Order For $30.00 Payable To The Dealer in Box #3. Place the 3 checks in an envelope and mail to the PRIME SOURCE. Prime Source Will Mail Checks To Dealers Daily and a C/R Copy Of This Circular.
(4.) Make Copies Of This Circular, With Your Name IMPRINTED In Box #1, Mail As Many As You Can. The More You Mail, The More Money You'll Make. Prime Source Will Publish 5,000 Each Month. With Each Dealer Mailing Only 1,000 Each, Look At The Potential You'll Receive. Your Name Is Moved To The #2 Spot As Soon As You Make Your First Sale. Then Your Name Starts Repeating. All Checks Are Made Out To Dealers And Cannot Be Cashed By Anyone But The Dealers. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH!

Prime Source: Phil Cay, POB 60652, Jacksonville, FL 32236 E-mail:
$20.- Dealer #1: Frebert Thompson, 5720 Tarpon Cir., Jax. FL 32277
$30.- Dealer #2: Hamilton Plummer, P.O. Box 7768, Washington, DC 20044-7768

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