We Issue Checks On Time, Every Time!

Our Member Benefits Include:

State-To-State Long Distance Calling Only 9.9 Cents Per Minute - Even As Low As 9.1 Cents Per Minute All With A Major Long Distance Carrier - One Of The Big Three.
Six Second Billing
18 Second Minimum
Residential Or Business Service And
800 Numbers For Home Or Office - 9.9 Cents Per Minute Plus 16 Cents Per Minute Calling Card - 20.5 CPM Prepaid Calling Card - The Lowest International Phone Rates - Big Discounts On Worldwide Travel - Discounts On Many Valuable Services.

An Association

We Have Developed The Easiest, The Most Duplicatable, Marketing System Ever Devised!!!

Ever Member Receives Their Own Individual Fax-On-Demand System With Priority 1 Marketing Material In It With Their Individual Priority 1 ID Number On The Application Form and We Will Show You A Proven Method To Use It!!!

You Don't Need A Fax Machine To Use This Proven 21st Century Technology To Market This Opportunity! Don't Delay! Join Priority 1 Today!

For additional information about the unique Priorty One Opportunity, Please call our Fax-On-Demand Info Center. Please call this number from the handset of your fax machine: (703) 834-2070 and request Document No. 317 Or send $2.00 to

MJ Industries
PO Box 20093
San Bernardino, CA 92406

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