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Free Networking Directory 3000+ Active Names, Addresses, & Phones
Free Display Ad
(2 " x 2") or Unclassified Ad Up 25 Words In 3 Issues
Free Fax Directory 700+ Current Names & Fax Numbers

Just for subscribing to Ed's monthly newsletter for three months. Active/Current Networkers receive all of the above, and more. Mail or Fax this completed form "ND-6" to:

Networking Directory
PO Box 27485
San Antonio, TX 78227
Fax: 210-675-0051

Ed's monthly newsletter offers networkers valuable articles of interest, names, addresses, and phone numbers of active/current networking faxers. Names and Addresses on quality peel and stick labels. Unclassified and display advertising - Plus the opportunity to earn more than

$1,900,000.00 Annually

Please Print

Address______________________________Social Security #_____________________
City____________________State_______________Zip Code_____________
Phone ( )_______________________Fax ( )______________________(Optional)

Upon receipt of this completed form, we will mail or fax to you all details, plus a personalized form for your immediate prospecting. Your listing can appear in either or both directories at no cost to you. This program should not interfere with, but greatly enhance the programs you are promoting or will promote.

SPONSOR: Michiyo Horikoshi SPONSOR'S CODE 1782-7

Your Customer's Code pending (assigned by the Networking Directory)

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