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Care to sell a really good tangible product?

Just advertise your name under these words:

250 Recycle Jokes
Handy Pocket Booklet
60 Amusing Pages. Send
Two-Dollar Bills Each.
Nice Giveaways.
(Dealer's Name & Address)

Per booklet sold, take $1.00 for yourself. Send me $1.00 with name and address of customer. I drop-ship his/her order. This selling method is mail-order. You can advertise in adsheets, tabloids, magazines or Internet. Start now even without notifying me.

You may also order wholesale for personal stocks and sell them in any manner. Give them away to business friends. Just Send $0.50 a piece in any quantity. My postage.
One good selling method is direct to walk-in customers through newsstands, cigar stores, or 99-cent stores nearby or downtown areas. This is route selling by consignment. You can ask the stores to sell at $1.00 with 20% commission, for example. $1,000 booklets sold in one year with $500.00 investment can earn you $300.00, or 60% interest p.a. Which bank can give you that interest rate?

I accept returns at $0.25 a piece in mint condition in original plastic packing.

Just mail back within one year.

4205 Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY 11234

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