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Advertise in Ten
Excellent National Publications

You are highly invited to advertise in the ten excellent national publications, namely:

The Dollar Star=15,000 circulation
Super Discount Ad=12,000 circulation
Akwa Ibom States Traveler=10,000 circulation
Nkoyo Akah's Journal=5,000 circulation
Essie Darling's Journal=5,000 circulation
The Sweet Breeze Ads = 4,600 circulation
Ettette Ads Directory=10,000 circulation
Adiahaette's Monthly Herald=25,000 circulation
Regina's Unique Express=20,000 circulation
The Great Bonanza Avenue=60,000 circulation

All ten publications with the total circulation of 334,600 monthly plus over one half million readers for only
$37.50 per c/r inch.
81/2" x 11" (two sides) =$450.00

Prompt acknowledgment and checking copies.
Add 2 first class stamps per order.
Outside of the U.S. add 10 U.S. dollars.

Send All Orders To:
Etim, Dept.www
976 W. 46th Street. Suite #2
Los Angeles, CA. 90037.

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