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Concerned Parents-----
Your Prayers Are Answered!

One or both can work at home, pay the bills, care for the kids and keep the family together.

No selling required. "LifeTronix" exclusive trademark system does the selling and recruiting for you. With this system, anyone can build a legitimate, successful business from their own home with only a telephone. Spread the word with flyers, business cards, advertising, mail outs, etc., using your (wealth builder) personal distributor ID#. Prospects call toll free, professionals sell or recruit! You Get Paid!!

"LifeTronix", leader in Nutrition, Weight Control, Anti-addiction. 21st century technology with new patented "Emusol Micellization Plus" process and a stabilized oxygen carrier system.

"LifeTronix"- combining simple, workable Telecommuter Marketing with nationally advertised products…PhytoShape weight control, OxyQuit smoking cessation, Basic nutrition, Liqua-health, Skin Care, etc.

You can evaluate the entire business, not as a spectator, but from the inside. Only $12.95 gives you distributorship manual, test kit, video tape, 20% discount, plus generous product samples. Taste, see, and feel the results.

For complete details, call
1-800-678-5522 ext. 5446.
See for yourself how this remarkable system can work for you.

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