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No investment cost!
And No One Pays An Up-front Enrollment Fee!
No Products to Sell!
(Everybody is using and paying for long distance phone calls already.)

How much money can you make? Refer one person to NeTel and you get 20% of the first month plus 2% each month thereafter.

Refer 3 people to NeTel to earn $100.00 advance commission and qualify for the powerful 8 level payment plan. At 2% of their long distance bill each month, how much is that???

Plus FREE long distance calls!!!

All calls that are 30 seconds or less are 100% free. . .

Then billed at 6 second increments!

Free 800/888 for your home!

No-Surcharge Calling Card!

Up to 50% savings on International Calls!

See following table.

Miami to L.A. USA to France
AT&T $ 2.80$ 11.43
MCI $ 2.80$ 12.79
Sprint $ 2.80$ 12.28
$ 1.39$ 4.40
You Save 50%60%

All rates and comparisions are for peak period . . .

Send $3.00 US or 4 IRC's for information and application to:

Phoenix Consignors Web
5515 N. 7th St. , #5-112
Phoenix, AZ 85014


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