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  1. LOVE POTION: for men and women. 1650 mg, 90 tablets per bottle. An exotic herbal aphrodisiac designed to enhance…energy…libido…pleasure…performance…excitement. Experience feelings of ecstasy and delight. Made from green oats, nettles, royal jelly, raw testicular and many more vitamins and herbs.
  2. PYCNOGENOL: 135 mg grape seed/pine bark extract plus 50 mg biofavonoids, 5 mg quercetin, 60 capsules per bottle. Helps your body win the battle against time! Fights free radicals! 50 times more effective than Vitamin E. 20 times more effective than Vitamin C. This is the strongest brand on the market. The "miracle" pill you have been waiting for!!
  3. DHEA: (with wild Mexican yam) 425 mg. 90 tablets per bottle. Natural hormone alternative. DHEA is called the "mother of hormones". Helps control weight. Many reports strongly suggest that Alzheimer's disease is reversible with DHEA.
  4. EASY-RUB: Roll-on arthritis relief. 3 fl. oz bottle. The relief you've been waiting for. Natural Arthritis Foundation approved. Goes on cool…doesn't blister…non-greasy…non-lingering odor.

Print Out This Entire Form And Mail It In

_____Love Potion: For Men & Women. 90 Tablets Per Bottle: $29.95 Plus $3.00 Priority Shipping, Per Bottle. $____________.

_____Pycnogenol: 60 Capsules Per Bottle: $22.95 Plus $3.00 Priority Shipping, Per Bottle. $____________.

_____DHEA: 90 Tablets Per Bottle: $24.95 Plus $3.00 Priority Shipping, Per Bottle. $____________.

_____Easy-Rub Roll On: 3 fl. oz Bottle: $15.95 Plus $3.00 Priority Shipping, Per Bottle. $____________.

For Prompt Shipment, Please Send Money Order Only!!

PO Box 1355-TM
Albany, Georgia 31702

Welcome..... To HomeMoney Free Mall Plaza!

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Free Mall Plaza
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