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What is . . . . . .
"The Writer's Co-Operative?" ...
What are monthly. . . .
"Publisher Pak" Mailings?

The Writer's Co-op is just several of us Writers; Self-published Authors and Columnists, who wish our articles & columns mailed together, in one package,... (Called the "Publisher Pak") going to about 85 Publishers of home-business type magazines.

We've been collecting and copying & mailing articles for over 1 year now! Back in October of 1995, we offered to several other Writers the chance to "join with The Christensen's" in a mailing effort. We each would pool our resources each month,.. each Writer sending us their latest Article, or Column; News Release; Book Excerpt, etc., with a $22.00 monthly fee.

We make copies of all the articles,.. ours included,.. and put a copy of each article into every package. We address all the Paks and send them to all the Publishers on our list! All Paks go by first class mail, or, if there are enough Authors submitting, and enough for postage, then we send each Pak by Priority Mail!

Each Writer usually places some "info about the Author" in a resource box at the end of each article. It's understood that NO MONEY will exchange hands,.. no one will get any "payment" for a Publisher choosing to publish an article, one time, in one of their publications! We're all Writers who "want to see our writings in print",.. and we understand the chances,.. and we appreciate the additional printing and circulation of our work. We understand we may or may not get any response from our articles, if they do see print.

This is an opportunity to have our articles mailed out to a number of Publications KNOWN for their printing of the writings of (freelance) authors & columnists! If a publisher chooses an article,.. and chooses to re-set it for THEIR publication, that is up to them. Writer's won't pay any Publisher's any money, either, for the typesetting or printing of their articles.

This service is meant to:

  1. Save EACH Writer from having to prepare and send out their own 85 or so packages each month.
  2. Be a benefit to Publishers, as they'll receive ONE package of fresh, new articles each month, for them to choose from, and they don't have to wonder WHO will send them an article,.. WHEN or IF, it will arrive, etc.
  3. Be a benefit to the Reader's of these Publications,.. and as our our articles are Published, it increases our chances of having our articles read and responded to!! So, everyone benefits!

Each monthly submission can be up to 2 full pages, per $22.00 fee. This can be two typewritten pages; or 1 page Article, with a 2nd page being a News Release! It can be a TWO-page news release, or a book excerpt! It can be two pages of pre-set columns,.. maybe as many as 8 columns, (4 columns on each page, total of 2 pages!!) If a submission goes to 3 or more pages, add an additional $5. per page, over 2 pages! (3 Pages = Send $27. total) (4 pages = Send $32.00) (5 pages = Send $37.00) (6 pages = Send $42.00)

Because of this service, now, no writer ALONE has to pay $1.00 per package to mail 85+ packages! ($1. x 85 Paks = $85.00)!! $85.00, being spent by some 40 Authors, ($85.00 x 40 = $3,400.00!!) That's over $3,000. possibly being spent every month just for postage!!!

But, with THIS service, ONE package, to each Publisher, costs about $1.47 eac ($1.47 x 85 publishers = $124.95) Copies of each article = 10 Authors (approx. 2 pgs. each) = 20 sheets of paper per Pak x 85 Paks = 1700 copies ( 1700 x .05 ea. = $85.00) Costs: (Postage $125. & copies = $85.) Equals $210., to send out the 85 Paks!! If we have 10 Authors - and each sends me $22. with their 2 page article, means about $220.00 to work with! So, if we have 10 Authors, this about pays for itself!

There is NO COST for Publishers to be on our list, and to receive these Paks each month, if they want them. The Authors pay for the cost of the copies & the mailing charges.

In the event you want a chance to see NEW articles, First, before they're printed anywhere else,... If you want to see which authors are submitting, to get NEW names of NEW authors that YOU can contact,.. If you want to keep abreast of the lastest news and changes going on in Mailorder, then you NEED to get one of our Paks & Newsletter each month! Maybe you will be able to use some items; information; releases, that we send to you!

Why not give our Service a try? Send us $22. & your 2 page article or news release, or book excerpt,.. and we will copy it and send it out to all the Publishers on our list. (A copy of the List of Publishers we mail to is FREE for the asking!)

Thank you!


Gary Christensen

(Gary Christensen is a freelance writer of Home-Based Business Articles; He has written and self-published 9 Books and 85+ Original Reports! Each Report covers a different "Trade Secret!" The New "67 Mailorder Trade Secrets" Book is yours for only $24.00! (All 85+ Full Page, Original Reports can be had for $28.00!) Contact Gary at, 999 NW Sycamore Av., Corvallis, OR 97330, Or phone: 541-752-2175; Or E-Mail him at: GChrist95w@aol.com! Visit the HomeMoney Mall at: http://www.nemaine.com/homebiz/ ... Read other articles by Gary Christensen, at: http://members.aol.com/ourwriters/gary.html)

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