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Mail-Order News®
"From Where Are You Going To Take Your Business Cues?"
By Ryanna's Hope

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As a small entrepreneur, you might be prone to take some cues over the coming year from those who figure themselves successful. They'll want to teach you, or sell you, the secrets to cash income.

But as you enter the new year, think about the "cues" you're going to take from "big business." Why? Because big business has shown many of us how NOT to handle the most important aspect - - the customer.

"In your face selling" or the proverbial "hard sell" has now reached the areas we always felt somewhat private about - giving our donations. The folks you donated money to last year are calling and TELLING YOU how much they want you to send. Your old college is calling after 15 years and, using freshmen, are telling YOU HOW MUCH to contribute. Anymore, we now hang up on them.

The "hard sell" has network marketers, like the ones who call me, now belittle the competition with expectations that "we should, instead, believe them - the other guy is lying." The network marketing gurus don't have the time to deal with their downlines - millions wonder why networking fails.

If you're real hungry tomorrow, you can go to the fast food restaurants. Completely FREE with your meal - yes - you'll get a big side dish of this nasty thing called "an ATTITUDE." Don't order it - it will come with your burger and fries.

The software and computer industry has skyrocketed to the billions. Yet the industry's ability to handle technical help calls has become more of a national disaster than the sinking of the Titanic.

In a recent study done by Communispond, a New York based sales firm, more than 100 salesmen were asked why "the number one reason customers switched vendors." Over half admitted that "being out of touch" was the primary reason. Not that the customer found a better deal or a better product. The reality was this: they sold the customer the product and left him. Period.

"The Shopper Report" (a consumer relations monitor) reported this year that mass retail (or discount stores) suffered financial misery. They reported "consumers have experienced problems with poor service, poor attitudes, messy stores and ad-items out of stock."

And what are the mass retail or discount stores finding out? Simply this: shoppers who feel trapped are ready to switch as soon as someone offers them a viable way out. Drug stores came to the rescue and have now taken much of the business away.

Many in the coming year will be instructed in the "how-to's" of doing business. Topics for you will include "how to get your envelope open," "writing an effective brochure," and "getting your website on line for faster profits." These are the cues you'll take from those who have "succeeded."

When your course is finished, ask the instructor about the secrets to "the customer." You'll find the hallway bell will ring right at that very moment. . . .


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