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Mail-Order News®
By Paula Demers

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Mail order is a people business. It is a people helping people business. There is no way to make it in industry without other people. There is no way I would be where I am today without the help of others.

Unfortunately, there are many people who try to use dealers. There's a difference between getting help and using. Let me explain with a few examples of what has happened to me and others in the industry. This article will cover many different areas.

One day a lady called me with questions about the mail order industry. We talked for about five minutes than she told me to call her right back because it was a long distance call. I said, "Excuse me?" She responded, "Well, you are already in business and making money. And your long distance calls are cheaper." This lady didn't only want free advice, she wanted me to pay for it. I did not call her back.

I have a report called "Learn the Truth About Work at Home Ads". I place ads in large publications asking for a SASE, and sometimes $1. I received a letter from a lady who wrote, "Please send me the report. I shouldn't have to send you a dollar." Needless to say, I didn't send her the report, but I did send her a letter explaining that the report was researched and that's what I did for a living: sell information. This has happened to many publishers: people just starting out in the business who send ads and ask the publisher to run them free because "the person is established and making money". Folks, being established doesn't mean you can afford to do run ads free. How long do you think people would be able to stay in business if they gave their products and services away?

Sometimes people will try to take advantage of friendships by expecting an ad designer to create an ad or a publisher to run and ad for them for nothing. This is tacky. In the industry, many dealers exchange services and advertising. I do myself. But it is something agreed to by both parties and the services are equal in value. Letters I receive regularly are "You have a large following,(in other words many customers) you could make a lot of money with this offer." What that says to me is, "I want you to join under me so that you can make me a lot of money."

I have even received letters from people who are in the same money making opportunity that I am in and want me to change my position so I can be under them. To which I usually write a letter and tell them that I have a responsibility to support my downline. And it is very wrong to try to steal another persons recruit. They wouldn't want someone to do it to them.

I think the thing that grates dealers, to include myself, is when someone will buy them into an opportunity without consulting the dealer first. This is usually done for the same reason as previously mentioned. They believe the person has many customers and can make them a lot of money. Sometimes the person who was bought in doesn't even hear from the person who did it. They find out when they get their start up packet from the company. People will do this for monthly payment programs and the dealer receiving the packet get's their first bill for something they didn't join.

If they don't promote the program, they hear from their upline complaining.

Sometimes dealers are bought into things from total strangers. Other times its from friends, which makes it worse. Many dealers feel obligated to promote it when it comes from a friend.

Let me put this as nicely as possible. It is wrong to try to use mail order friendships to try to make you money. Do not buy anyone into opportunities without their permission. Each one of us has a unique business. We all have certain goals for our business. Our goals may not be the same as yours.

Like I mentioned previously, mail order is a people helping people business. We try to help each other in many ways. We try to encourage and support each other. There is a big difference between helping a fellow dealer and being used.

In this business, you need to have relationships with your friends on two levels. Professional and friendship. The two should never meet.

This article was written by Paula Demers. Her new manual, "Home Business Survival Guide" will help you to be part of the 10% of home based businesses that succeed instead of the 90% that fail within six months. Send $29.95 to: Home Profits, PO Box 280, Ft Walton Beach, Fl 32549- 0280 (Dealership packet included.)

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