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Mail-Order News®
By Dale Rolland

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Sometimes I wonder just what "mail order" some of the experts are talking about when they explain the finer points of mail order. To some, mail order is rapidly changing over to high tech electronic marketing. Others see it as envelope stuffing and get rich schemes. Still other regard mail order as MLM programs or merchandise marketing, a la Sears & Roebuck. The truth may well be "all of the above" -- and as they say, "much much more!"

Actually, mail order is pretty much what you make it! If your "thing" is mailing circulars or selling information, that's what mail order is to you. If you are "into" MLM you probably don't worry much about specialities others may regard as "orthodox" mail order!

We received a promotional report the other day with some very interesting statement and figures. Its purpose was to promote their home business seminars. The figures were obviously "cooked" to support their interests; however, they are very interesting all the same.

First of all, they lump mail order in with all "home business" figures. They are undoubtedly counting lawyers, doctors, contractors, technical consultants, CPAs and other professionals who work out of offices in their homes in their figures. This may explain their "average" income of $50,000 per year and a 95% survival rate!

These figures are undoubtedly high for the average home based mail order entrepreneur. Naturally, they want youto pay good money to attend their seminars, buy their books and sign up for their courses.

66% of America's home businesses are owned and operated by women.

Satisfaction levels are very high among home business operators.

44% of all homes in this country support some form of home business.

Every day 1500 jobs in this country are being eliminated.

Fortune 500 companies have done away with FIVE MILLION jobs during the last ten years.

A home-based business is started every 11 seconds - 8,000 per day!

Half of all part time home businesses develop into full time businesses.

Here is the breakdown of home businesses by type they presented:

Business Support Services ......
28% Desktop Publishing ............. 15%
Retail Sales from Home ......... 11%
Consulting ..................... 11%
Computer Services .............. 9%
Graphic Arts ................... 9%
Financial Support .............. 5%
Medical ........................ 4%
Real Estate .................... 4%
Crafts ......................... 4%

Some of the figures about home businesses are staggering. Eight thousand people start a new home business every day. Currently 24.3 million operate some sort of home business, half of which grow to become full time businesses-- and the real shocker: the average home business income is $50,000 per year!

Of course, these figures are weighted. Lawyers and doctors have business offices in their homes as do CPAs, contractors and real estate brokers. I wonder what percentage of the numbers AND THE INCOME are represented by "inner circle" people. It's doubtful that many are actually included in these figures. I also wonder how non-home business operations like Walter Drake and Larry Chiappone fit into this picture (if they do).

OK, so what does all this means? Are we being overtaken by machines and high tech eggheads with Master degrees? Is our brand of mail order on its way out?

HECK NO! All it means is that "our" market is expanding. They are joining us and they are bringing their clientele with them! There will always be kitchen table businesses that mail uncomplicated, inexpensive offers to others with similar interests and capabilities and plenty other "less than Doctorate level" operations. These newcomers: technical experts, brokers, lawyers and tax experts are simply dealing with their same customers from home now instead of from downtown business offices.

It's probably true that "our kind of mail order" will continue to advance in the electronic age. Thing like modems, Internet, fax machines and computers are here to stay. They won't "take over" for a while but they are gradually replacing the old ways. But hey, "it ain't no big thing." We've been evolving all along!

We made it from typed to typeset and copy-ready ads. We progressed from individually mailed adsheets to wholesale intabloid space. We're learned to use computers, design our own ads, send faxes, sponsor complicated programs and make our offers and cover letters look more professional than ever before.

We could waste a lot of time worrying about all the new technology and where mail order maybe headed. Time will tell about that. The important question right now is: where are WE going?

Dale Rolland
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© 1996, Dale Rolland, The Inner Circle

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