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Mail-Order News®
Why Pay for it If you can Get it Free?
By Gary Christensen

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In a previous column, I shared how you can get Free Advertising - both on-line and off; How you can send Publishers the News Releases and Articles you write, to get more Free Publicity, but, in this column I want to talk about some of the Other Things you might need, and how you can get them all for FREE, too! (That "Free Publicity" article is FREE!) 1) MORE FREE ADS - Anytime you have an opportunity to "Get 4 Ads for the Price of Three" .. do it, because those ads are costing you no more than what you'd normally have paid anyway,.. but, it's an incentive from a Publisher,.. as it insures that he gets the money up front for the next three issues, and by paying for 3 ads at the same time, they're happy to give you the 4th one FREE!

2) FREE SAMPLE COPIES - Many Publishers are willing to send you a Free Sample Copy, or even a "Free Trial Subscription" because they want to get their magazine out into the hands of new people; you may eventually send them a subscription or place an ad in their magazine! To them it's part of the cost of being in business, and by sending out Free copies, they may get MORE business! Write to Publishers (on your letterhead) and request a Free Sample Copy!

3) A FREE DIRECTORY - "The Freebie Directory" (Updated Regularly) is yours for just 5 First Class Stamps from: Bob-C, 1700 Duncan Way, Carrollton, TX 75006!

4) FREE COPYRIGHT PROTECTION - You can pay the copyright office in Washington, D.C. a fee, to get a copyright on what you have produced, OR just put a sample into a package & send it through the mails to yourself! Don't open it when it comes; Put it in a safe place! If anyone tries to steal what you have produced, take them to court and take along your sealed package! If yours is the earlier postmark, you win! It's a simple way to protect what you've created!

5) FREE ADVICE, is available from your Suppliers! They are good sources for free assistance; advice; for answers to questions you have, etc. Write and ask for their help! They will help you, if they want you to succeed!

6) FREE DEALERSHIPS - Many Suppliers will send you their Dealer Package for little or no "up front fee!" As a dealer, you will be obtaining orders and moving more product and making more money for them! They should be willing to help you get started! Avoid Suppliers that want a large up-front fee! Maybe that is where they make most of their money, from the fees paid by new people!

7) FREE MONEY - This is available from "Investors & others with money!" Why use YOUR OWN Money to start a business? Use "O.P.M." (Other People's Money) to get your business off the ground. Keep your own money in reserve!

8) FREE TYPESETTING - Most Local Phone Companies will do all the Typesetting of business ads in their Yellow Pages, when you pay for an ad! Always check to see if Newspapers & Magazines charge extra for Typesetting, or if it's included as a Free Service to all their advertisers! Use first those Publications that offer it Free! Many Publishers Re-Set all of the Ads & Articles in every issue anyway, so why Pay for the Typesetting first, if it's provided Free?

9) FREE ARTWORK - Contact some local Art Schools or Universities; See if an Art Student would like to get some experience by designing YOUR company Letterhead or Business card. You won't have to pay them much, if anything at all, to get very professional Art Work! Ask around, check with Art Instructors; Ask their advice for students who do quality work!

10) FREE ADS AS SPACE FILLERS - Contact Publishers and send them some copies of your ads. Instruct them to use them as "space fillers." When deadlines approach, and if they have un-sold space available, let them know they can print your ads to fill those un-sold spaces! (Some Publishers may only need 50% of the rates, to print your ads in un-sold or "remnant" spaces!

11) FREE LISTINGS - Many Yearly Directories will place YOUR listing FREE (the first couple lines, or first 10 words) and want YOU to place ads in their directories, too. "Book Dealers World" is one, and "Worldwide Trade Services" is another that issue yearly directories!

12) FREE OR HALF-PRICE PRINTING - When you get ready to print more of your brochures, contact another business person. Maybe YOU and One Other can "go in together" and share the printing costs - getting your two (one-sided) brochures printed back-to-back! Each of you pays HALF the costs & get HALF of the quantity printed! Or, maybe a Printer would be willing to print YOUR brochure on ONE side, with HIS printing prices on the back! As you distribute them, his flyer rides along on the back of each one you mail! He pays for the printing; You do the distribution!

13) FREE DISTRIBUTION - Have your brochures mailed Free, by first contacting some "Professional Mailers" - Many will provide YOU with their ads & flyers! You pay for the printing & send them the flyers! (YOUR ads on one side, theirs on the back!) YOU pay for the Printing; They will do the distribution!

14) FREE POSTAGE - We get MOST of our Postage & Mailing Costs FREE! One way is to "Request a Stamped Envelope" in all your ads! Customers will send along an envelope already addressed & stamped! Presto: Free Postage! Our "Free Postage Secrets" lists 5 ways that work for us!

15) FREE NAMES - Several companies we work with offer "Free Sample Names" for the postage to send them to you! Many provide 90 Free Names for 2 stamps! Get some from 10 companies, and you have enough for a good sized mailing! Why will they provide you with Free Names? They're willing to send you a sample batch, and hopefully you will try them, be satisfied and come back, with a payment for MORE names!

16) A FREE REPORT - Our latest Report is Free for the asking, and may help you get LOTS of Free Ads! It's called "18 Methods we use to get LOTS of Free Advertising! Send your request to: (e-mail): or write to: Gary Christensen, 999 NW Sycamore Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330 In the event these short explanations are not sufficient, feel free to write to me, at above address, so that I might give you a longer, more detailed explanation of the one or two you don't quite understand. These are given so that YOU can get what you need, without having to pay for it!

(This Article written by Gary Christensen, a freelance writer of Home-Based Business Articles, who has Self-Published 9 Books and 86 Original Reports, like this one! (Jesus is Lord!) Write Gary at: 999 NW Sycamore Av., Corvallis, OR 97330 (or e-mail him at:

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