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Nancy Roebke

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IMON Advertising

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had all the right words to close a sale all of the time? Even though that never happens, you can increase your closing percentages by understanding the four most common personality types. Each of these types is easy to spot by the type of office they have and by the way they speak, if you know what to look for.

Personality Type One: THE DIRECTOR

This person likes to maintain control at all times. S/he accomplishes a lot in a short period of time. It is best to be brief and to the point with him/her so as not to lose your opportunity to do do business because of your inabilty to get to the point. The Director's office is usually big with a large desk, which s/he sits behind during your visit to the office. Plaques of his/ her achievements adorn the walls.

Personality Type Two: THE SUPPORTER

This person responds best to sincerity and agreement.The Supporter does not like controversy, and is likable, loyal and patient. A pleasant approach will win you points with this personality type. Any sign of insensitivity or impatience will lose you the sale. The Supporter's office is friendly and neat. In most conversations, you will not be separated by a desk. Pictures of his/her family can be seen.

Personality Type Three: THE THINKER

The hardest to communicate with, this type of personality is precise and organized. In order to gain business here, you must go step-by-step through all facets of your presentation. The use of facts and logic will help you. However, you will be unable to accomplish your goals with this person if there are surprises or unpredictability. In his/her well-organized office, where everything has it's place, you will probably find charts and graphs on the wall.

Personality Type Four: THE ENTERTAINER

An appointment with this personality type will no doubt leave you laughing. This person has lots of charisma and can be very persuasive. Be careful you don't get sold something while you are there making a presentation for your product or service. Entertainers don't like boredom or routine. You will make headway by being flexible and letting them talk. The chances are, the office looks like a bomb went off in it! If you can see the walls, there are probably motivational sayings on them.

There is probably a little of each of these persoanlity types in all of us, but usually one type is more predominant than the rest. Being able to quickly determine the type of person you are attempting to do business with will go a long way in building stronger relationships-faster!

To help evalute what personality type you most resemble, visit and take our Personality Profile. The results will be returned to you by Email as soon as it is tabulated.

Nancy Roebke, Executive Director
Profnet, Inc.-Helping Business Professionals Make More Money In Their Chosen Fields.

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