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TargetMan Advertising &Graphics, Inc.

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What can the Internet do for your business?

The answer can be summed up in one word: Money. Your advertising on the Internet can either save or make money for you. It can provide your business with the least expensive way to reach the most number of people worldwide. Anyone who has been in business knows that marketing is a numbers game, the more people you reach the better chance you have of making money. You know the web can open new markets and create new streams of income to your business. But what can a single Home page do for YOU?

Here are some home page ideas:
Your home page can function as a full page company advertisement.
As a full page product brochure.
As a full page professional resume
As a full page rate card for your product, service, or publication.
Or as a full page for any thing that you want!

We will design, program and place your custom home page in our mall for one year for only $40 (reg.$89)! Our service is based on the following specifications:

Headline & Sub-Headline
Business information-include your companies name, address, phone, fax and email
Graphic-Supplied by us (additional fee required for us to create your graphic, please write direct.)
One (1) URL Link-to another http address (when place our logo link on your Home Page)
Body Text-up to 200 words of text
isted on our new business mall Now Open!
Plus. . . Our New mall promoted by the best Internet search engines for maximum exposure!

For a limited time, you can have a home page and classified ad on the Internet for only $40 (reg. $89) For One Full Year! BONUS: As this special price was not enough… We will also include a FREE 35 word classified ad in on this deal!

You Get ALL This:

We'll typeset, program and place your Home page on Mall of your choice in less than a week!
We'll give you a unique web address!
We'll place your classified ad on our new business mall http://nemaine.com/homebiz/
We'll provide a link to your Homepage or any web page of your choice from your classified to your home page.
Your Home page will run in our mall for one year!

Friends, this is a one time offer. Even if you have an existing web page, you can not afford to miss this opportunity to give your business added exposure on the web. Send your order in today! Just follow directions on submitting your companies information above and don't forget your FREE, 35 word classified ad.

Here is what you do. . .

Option #1
Neatly write your copy, include all pertinent information and submit your graphic (everything on floppy is easiest), be sure to include payment and mail us the contents. Sorry, but we control layouts for this type of web design package. Your full color home page placed on a professional web platform will run for one year. Plus. . . you receive a FREE, (see option #2 below) 35 word classified ad linked to your home page also for one year! All for only $40 (reg. $89)
Option #2
For $10 (reg. $25) Your Classified ad only...[That is less than 84 cents per Month]… Send us a floppy, E-Mail, or neatly write your copy. You can register your 35 word classified ad by E-Mail for immediate insertion. Your classified ad (runs for one year), and classified ad will be placed on HomeMoney Bulletin & Marketplace. All ads receive conformation by email or snail.

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We will extend this offer to first time clients for Two Years, at the low price of Only $89 (reg. $228 value)

. . . Plus your Home page can link directly to your Free 35 word classified ad on our new business mall. Both will be listed on our client directory and promoted by the TOP Internet search engines. This gives your business an outstanding opportunity to be viewed by millions of web users worldwide.

Internet users who want more information on your business can simply type in your unique web address on their computer and your page will appear in full color. You can attract millions of prospects to your business and turn strangers into customers. Here's a low cost way to get web exposure. Take advantage of the greatest marketing tool since the invention of the printing press.

This is a limited time offer. . . So send your order today!

TargetMan Advertising &Graphics, Inc.

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