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Interested In Mail Order?

$3.00 will get you a sample copy of three different mail order publications. A $3.00 certificate will be included to be used if you decide to advertise in one of the publications.

The name of the publications are:

"Introduction To Mail Order"
"5,000 Plus"
"Mail Order Opportunities".

If you are already an active mail order dealer, I would like to offer you this opportunity to place your ads in these publications at a great discount.

You have to mention that you read it on the Internet. Each publication has 5,000 circulation. If you want to place an ad in each for a total of 15,000 circulation, please use the following rates: (based on camera ready copy)

1" - $9.00(reg $25.00) 2" - $18.00 (reg $42.50)
3" - $27.00
(reg $55.00) 3x6- $45.00(reg $100)
5x8- $90.00(reg $187.50) 8x10- $140(reg $260)

If you only want to place your ad in one publication, please use the following rates: (5,000 circulation)
1" - $4.00(reg $10.00) 2" - $7.50(reg $17.00)
3" - $10.50(reg $22.00) 3x6- $18.00(reg $40.00)
5x8- $35.00(reg $75.00) 8x10- $49.00(reg $100)

Remember, to get the above rates, you have to mention that you saw this special at the "HomeMoney Free Mall Plaza" on the Internet. (the regular rates are in parenthesis)

Order TODAY.....

Published by:
G&B Records
PO Box 10150-C
Terra Bella, Ca 93270-0150
E-mail Gbrecords@aol.com

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