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"Money making & money saving tips"

You can actually increase your business income without incurring any more expenses. The trick is to join some programs and companies that provide as their products or services some of the things that you need to operate your business.

I actually was in this business for about 8 years before I finally got smart and switched my long distance service to an MLM company. Not only did I get much, much cheaper rates, but I now also receive a commission check from them each month. (What's that old saying? "The best of both Worlds!") My phone bill now runs about a little over half of what it used to. It costs me absolutely not a penny more than any long distance company that is advertised on television. All I do is use their long distance service.

I also join other programs that provide things I need for my business. I promote 2 different stamp programs. I feel as I do a lot of mailing, I have enough promotional material going out that I can support 2 stamp programs. One program provides me with 1 FREE book of stamps every time I or the person under me sells the program. Yes, this is a 2 level program. This one has a total cost of 3 books of 32 stamps. The other program can hold up to 10 folks and I receive 5 - 32 stamps plus $1.00 cash from my own sales, plus the sales of anyone under me on the sheet! This one is very cheap to join, at the moment, as there are only 2 people on the circular, including myself. The other spots are FREE. Right now it only costs a total of $2.00 + 10 - 32 stamps. The 2 stamp programs of course do not supply me will all the stamps I need to operate my business, but they sure as heck help out!

Of course, next to my top business expense of stamps and postage costs, are my advertising costs. I belong to several programs that provide advertising as their product. At least one of these program also provides me Ad Broker Services that also save me a ton of money when I advertise in many different publications.. Some of these are, Power Net, Success Sources Magazine, Kathy's Ad Club and a few more small ones.

Of course as far as saving money with my business, I would be amiss if I didn't mention the ONCE A MONTH ASSOCIATION. This is a mail order organization that not only can you build a nice monthly income, but can save you tons of money in business products, advertising, and supplies. It's not MLM but does pay out monthly commissions. As a matter of fact you receive, when you refer someone, $10 each month of their $15 dollars monthly dues as your referral commission! Refer 10 folks, get a $100 monthly commission check, etc. !!! Receiving all the available paid out commission means it doesn't take long to build a nice monthly income.

Another way to save money with your mail order business is on your printing.. You can do this by "co-op printing" with someone and either split the printing, (your copy on one side, and theirs on the other), or they can pay the expense to print, and you do all the mailing or vise versa. Many mail order printers advertise co-op printing. They print your ad copy on one side of an 8 X 11 circular and their ad copy on the other and send it to you and you are then responsible for all the mailing of the copies as your part of the co-op. This can amount to quite a substantial savings as these kind of offers rarely charge you more than the shipping charge on the circulars to ship them to you.

I also buy my imprinted envelopes from a company called, BUSINESS ENVELOPES, PO Box 517, Thorofare, NJ 08086-0517 (1-800-275-4400).

You can call or write them for a FREE catalog but don't order from the first catalog that you receive unless it's a sale catalog that offers 25% off. They are always offering some kind of discount such as 10% off, or Buy one get the second at half price. However, about every 3 months they will come out with the 25% off discount. THAT'S WHEN TO ORDER! That's about the largest discount they offer.. You can also order 20lb economy envelopes from these folks rather than the standard 24lb envelopes. Not just for the savings but you can put in 5 - 8 X 11 20lb circulars in this envelope and still be right on the 1oz mark! This is why a lot of times, if you get a mailing from me, you'll see five circulars in it. I buy nothing but the imprinted 20lb envelopes for my mailings.

Another way to save money if you have a computer is get on the Internet. You can send email for nothing other than the cost of your monthly Internet access rate. You can keep in contact with customers, prospects and friends. Send letters, offers, etc. and they will get it the same minute you send it.

Write fantastic small ads for your various offers and ask for a Large self-addressed stamped envelop, (LSASE), for more information.. This way not only will you be able to save time, preparing an envelope, but also save money in getting out your offer. You will also "qualify" your prospect. In other words you know they are interested enough to take the time and stamps to send for more information. A dual benefit.

If you own an ink jet or laser printer, make your own large return address labels. You can make them look very professional and clean cut. Use these to place on the LSASE's that you receive from your ads soliciting more information.

Always remember, no matter what you do to save money, don't cut rate when it comes to your "professional image". Always use a typewriter or printer when communicating by mail!

'Til next issue.... ..... Chuck

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A 5 X 8 mail order magazine. Loaded with helpful money makin' articles and tips, plus some advertising. Targeted, select circulation to folks who are interested in making part time and full time incomes from their homes. Very reasonable advertising rates.!

E-mail chuck57@ix.netcom.com

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An organization geared for the Home Business person. For a small $15 membership dues, you'll get Monthly Advertising, Monthly Newsletter, and Monthly Statement. You'll also make $10 per person, per month for each person you introduce to our Association! 10 referrals = $100 etc...

E-mail chuck57@ix.netcom.com

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