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  • Humdinger Literary E-zine: Unforgettable Fiction and Poetry
  • Humdinger Literary E-zine presents multi-genre fiction and poetry, writing contests, inspiration for writers and writers' resources links.
    writers, poets, short stories, writing contests, editing, publishing, poetry contests, short story contests, writing links
    Date: 20050904 -  ID# -1185
  • The Writer's Tavern
  • We're an ezine of multiple genres: fiction, thriller, suspense, drama, romance and fantasy to name a few. We deal with men's and women's issues and even showcase artists. We welcome submissions from all writers, so long as they're daring, adventurous and original. Our goal is to attract readers of all kinds and give them a permanent seat at our reading establishment.

    fiction, horror, drama, fantasy, writers, read, stories, submit, redrum, artists, sci-fi, publish
    Date: 20050921 -  ID# -1249
  • The Emerging Times
  • Help, advise, direction for the emerging writer who desires to become a published author.
    writers, fiction writing, novel writing, get published, non-fiction writing
    Date: 20051009 -  ID# -1403
  • Writers' E-Zine: Between the Lines
  • An insiders' perspective on the craft of writing and the publishing scence. Articles on writing, interviews with inudstry professionals, and more.
    writers' ezine, authors' ezine, publishing, book publishing
    Date: 20051115 -  ID# -1590
  • How To Select Outsource Web Content Writing Services In India?
  • This is an interesting page that will help you to select Outsource Web Content Writing Services In India.
    Outsourcing, website content development, web content writers, outsourcing website content, web content writing solutions, outsourcing services, outsourcing web content writing
    Date: 20060120 -  ID# -2329
  • Tips for Finding Good Quality Web Content Writing Services
  • This is an interesting page that will give you the tips for finding good quality web content writing services.
    Outsource To India, Website Content Writing Development, web content writers, web content writing services, Keyword rich content, Ghostwriting, travel writing
    Date: 20060120 -  ID# -2333
  • Why Appoint Any Technical Writing Services?
  • This is an interesting page that will give you reasons why you should go for any technical writing services.
    Outsourcing, website content development, web content writers, outsourcing website content, web content writing solutions, outsourcing services, outsourcing web content writing
    Date: 20060120 -  ID# -2334
  • Writers Content
  • Free article announcement list for writers. All articles are about
    writing, marketing your work, promoting your services, building
    your Website and succeeding as an online writer. Members are
    free to submit any article that relates to, or would be of value to,
    writing online and writers in general, as long as it fits into our
    editorial guidelines (supplied upon subscribing).

    writing, articles, free content, writers, site marketing, freelance, how to make money writing
    Date: 20050116 -  ID# -290
  • Writeaholic News
  • This monthly newsletter contains information, markets and articles for freelance writers who want to write, get published and get paid, not just every month or every week, but every day.
    freelance, writers, writer, writing, freelance writer, freelance writing, UK, freelance writer UK, freelance writing UK, writing markets, writing articles,
    Date: 20060806 -  ID# -4311
  • The Smoking Poet
  • A fine cigar and good literature: two of life's finer pleasures. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, reviews, resources.
    literary, fiction, poetry, cigar, cigars, writing, writers, stories, essays, novels
    Date: 20060825 -  ID# -4835
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