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  • The Goddess Quarterly Ezine
  • The Goddess Quarterly aspires to awaken the Divine Feminine that lives within everyone - regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, ethnicity or religion.. The Goddess Quarterly strives to present this information accurately and honestly with a pagan slant. By accepting both genders within the Great Spirit, utilizing them for their special beauty and given power, we too become whole and fulfilled. It is then that we can connect with human beings and not just for the labels beset by our human need to categorize. The cosmos are interrelated and, therefore, so are human beings. Everyone is kin and connected by soul, heart, blood and intelligence. This is the kind of community sought after to bring people together in a circle of good, honest discussion.
    Goddess, Divine Feminine, Philosophy, Spirituality, Pagan, Universal
    Date: 20050805 -  ID# -1093
  • Classified-X Confession Chamber
  • is an exclusive Online Confession Chamber with many interesting articles and posts of life-touching experiences, dark secrets and deep feelings contributed by individuals who remain anonymity. An inspirational daily read for the food for thoughts.
    Confession, Online Confessions, Inspirational, Short_Stories, Stories, Fun, Philosophy, Entertainment, Funny, Sex, Religion, Sins, Secrets.
    Date: 20050815 -  ID# -1128
  • Metaphysical Mind
  • An information-packed bi-monthly ezine containing articles on spirituality/metaphysics, inspiring stories, affirmations, and much more...
    metaphysics, spirituality, religion, philosophy, metaphysical, spiritual, God, Higher Self, All-That-Is
    Date: 20060803 -  ID# -4238
  • Wild Inspirations Put bounce in your step every day
  • Get new and original inspirational photos and quotes in your inbox every day. Receive 5 motivational desktop images free when you join Free.

    art, philosophy, photography, travel, inspirational, motivational, inspiration, motivation, Australia, quote, photos, images
    Date: 20050626 -  ID# -918
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