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  • Wearing The Right C.A.P.-'Ministry Success For Saints In The Pews'
  • Bi-weekly how to articles, easy to apply strategies, tips, resources and specific keys you can use immediately to identify the place you've been chosen, appointed and planted by God to impact your world and give you the greatest spiritual and personal fulfillment in your life, work and ministry everyday. Get fr*ee online evaluation when you sign up.
    five-fold ministry, ministry, church, religion, believers, Christians
    Date: 20050818 -  ID# -1145
  • Success His Way Journal
  • SHWJ is unique because it teaches a Bible based success philosophy and financial stewardship principles to motivate and guide you to reach all of your Internet business goals.
    christian home business, christian internet business, christian financial success
    Date: 20051009 -  ID# -1402
  • DirectMatches - Where Business and Personal Relationships Build Income!
  • DirectMatches strategic vision has deployed the first online multi-match system in the world, in conjunction with the first matchmaking system, to leverage a direct selling marketing plan.

    "advice, commit, custom, date, dating, dating service, friend, friendship, fun, IM, international, internet, instant, keyword, match, match maker,, matching, matchmaker, matchmaking, matchscene, mate, member, men, men seeking men, men seeking women, messenger, messaging, online, online dating, online personals, partner, photo, photo personals, photos, pics, pictures, profiles, relationship, romance, search, searching, single, single parent, singles, username, video, voice, women, women seeking men, women seeking women, dating service, dating site, love, relationship, personal ad, match maker, people, match, upscale, quality, successful, men, women, partner, 0jewish, christian, christian date, christian dating, christian dating service, christian singles, religious, spiritual, commit, long term, matching, exclusive, sensitive, nice, sexy, smart, companion, marriage, divorce, widow, single parent, job, jobs, job sites, job vacancies, find a job, search jobs, resume tips, monster, job search engines, internet jobs, it jobs, computer jobs, retail jobs, healthcare jobs, sales jobs, finance jobs, engineering jobs, legal jobs, human resources jobs, HR jobs, admin jobs, customer support jobs, customer care jobs, career advice, careers, technology jobs, managerial jobs, diversity, equal opportunity, career search, job descriptions, temp jobs, part-time jobs, contractor jobs"
    Date: 20051124 -  ID# -1676
  • The Fit Christian
  • A Christian Health & Fitness eZine. Publishes seven issues a year, free subscription. Offers inexpensive targeted advertising.
    Christian, fitness, health, nutrition, exercise, women, kids, men, Bible, Jesus
    Date: 20050102 -  ID# -223
  • A Ligh for My Path
  • A weekly devotional from Dr. Ann Shorb of Christian Counseling and Eductaional Services. Subscribers receive powerful and practical messages of hope and inspiration. Always features original content from Dr. Shorb. Psalm 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”
    christian, devotionals, inspiration
    Date: 20060121 -  ID# -2338
  • Getting Connected!
  • Taking your faith, purpose and business to the next level.
    Christians, faith, purpose, business, Godly advice, counseling, God, Christ, Messiah
    Date: 20050213 -  ID# -432
  • In Search of Peace magazine
  • Church of south India Free newsletter. Many have received peace, joy, happiness, new life, New hope and blessings of Jesus Christ through this magazine. Please subscribe for future issues and it will be delivered in your mailbox every week.
    weekly, peace, search, Jesus, Bible, Christian, malayalam, tamil, joy, happiness, love, new life, new hope.
    Date: 20050218 -  ID# -447
  • Urban Christianz Newsletter
  • Learn how to be closer to God, get advice for your relationships and read artices designed to help you lead a healthier, happier life today!
    contemporary, Christian, issues, modern, advice, articles, resources, spirituality, inspiration, self-help
    Date: 20050218 -  ID# -448
  • Greenland Baptist Church Newsletter
  • The members of GBC being the body of Christ endeavor to seek and do the will of God by: standing for the Gospel, reaching out to the lost through God’s Word, supporting foreign missions, and providing a place of worship and instruction for God’s children. The site is dedicated to conveying His love and sacrifice that we may enter into The Kingdom of Heaven!
    God, Jesus Christ, Lord, Love, Bible, Christian Faith, Saviour, Sinner, Forgiveness, Heaven, Scripture, Sermons
    Date: 20050223 -  ID# -473
  • RuntoGodletter
  • Delivers messages for deep spiritual and religious truth. Helps you to discover your road to authenticity, rationality, and supersuccess.

    Delivers news and tips for you to jumpstart and clinch your salvation as well as raise your personal personal performance to Olympian standards.

    Carries discussions to you about defense of God and religion as well as rational choice in religion.

    It carries tips and messages that keep in constant search for higher and higher spiritual and religious truth

    God, religion, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, atheism, belief, faith, Bible,
    Date: 20050225 -  ID# -480
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