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  • Relationship Marketing Tips
  • Building powerful relationships is your BEST key to long-term success in business. Lawrence Baker presents a series of 20 significant relationship-building habits which you can apply immediately in your next newsletter or sales campaign. Get his full 114-page e-book detailing how you can be the most value-adding and respectable marketer on the Internet!
    internet marketing, free ebooks, online profits, mastery, mastermind, work from home, home-based business, relationship marketing
    Date: 20050720 -  ID# -1025
  • LoupDargentOnline-e[Mega]Zine
  • Info,tips and advices on Online Marketing, Websites, eZines, eBooks and Blogs. Subscribers to our Mailing List receive Freebies, Special Alerts and the opportunity to advertise at least one of their Business Opps, Websites, eZines or Blogs Free of Charge.
    tips, advice, internet marketing, about blogs, about eZines, about eBooks, links
    Date: 20050720 -  ID# -1027
  • The Truth Magazine
  • Monthly magazine aiming to promote the best in alternative literature, poetry, and providing the readers with underground films, movies, and music.
    edgy, alternative, underground, gritty, gonzo, literature, fiction, poetry, opinion, music, books, movies
    Date: 20050724 -  ID# -1041
  • News Bite, Cooking Tips and Recipes
  • Free cooking tips and recipes from Canada's largest cookbook publisher. 75% off select cookbooks and contests for free merchandise.
    cookbook, cookbooks, recipes, recipe, food, cooking
    Date: 20050728 -  ID# -1055
  • Long Distance Love Help
  • Learn how to survive a long distance romance, accept the help from who walks what it talks.
    Being in a long distance relationship since 2003, Maria Madeira share her advices, her experiences, her help, so you also survive a long distance love.
    It's a heart to heart ezine that will help you in so many ways!

    long distance relationship, romance, love, advice, help, tips, books, blog, letters, quotes, songs
    Date: 20050730 -  ID# -1065
  • Mouse Bytes
  • Computer tips and tricks for senior citizens and beginning computer users. Also gives links to various websites of interest.
    computer, software, technology, books, computer training, lessons
    Date: 20050804 -  ID# -1083
  • E-Ezine - Free marketing recourses,articles,website promotion tips
  • E-Ezine - Your source for Internet Training, Net-Marketing Training, Internet
    Success,Internet education, Advertising and Marketing tutorials ,
    Free marketing recourse,articles , website promotion tips and many more

    ezine,ezine advertising, internet marketing articles,free marketing recourses,website promotion tips,MLM,software,book,ebooks,submit article
    Date: 20050809 -  ID# -1107
  • The Best Newsletter On The Planet
  • It is a weekly newsletter about website marketing ideas. We feature different articles each week on this subject. We also give out weekly free e-books with resale or redistribution rights to our subscribers. Some of the e-books are "free" e-books, while others are e-books that we have purchased the rights to for our newsletter.
    marketing, e-books, viral, profits, internet, business,
    Date: 20050826 -  ID# -1160
  • Self Improvement Directory Tips

  • Dedicated to helping people live happier, more fulfilling lives! Packed with valuable info, tips & special offers, providing motivation, inspiration & practical ideas to enhance success. Claim a FREE copy of Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich'!

    self improvement,self-improvement,personal development,motivation, self motivation,self-motivation,self growth,self-growth,inspiration,Think and Grow Rich,Napoleon Hill,self improvement books,self-improvement books,self improvement ebooks,self-improvement ebooks,self improvement audio programs,self-improvement audio programs,self improvement videos,self-improvement videos,self improvement seminars,self-improvement seminars,self improvement coaching,self-improvement coaching
    Date: 20050829 -  ID# -1162
  • 115 Internet Marketing Techniques To Earning $100,000 Or More Per Year Online!
  • "115 Internet Marketing Techniques To Earning $100,000 or More Per Year Online!" is one of Terry Dean's long sought-after e-course that has benefited thousands of folks who made it big from their applications.
    internet marketing, free ebooks, online profits, mastery, mastermind, work from home, home-based business, relationship marketing
    Date: 20051010 -  ID# -1416
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