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  • Private Aircraft Charter Services and affordable empty legs
  • Worldwide aircraft charter service information and cheap one way specials. We offer air charter services, private airplane charter, jet charter and executive jet charter arrangements for all type of aircraft to any destination. Find the best deals on empty legs in our monthly newsletter.
    Aircraft charter services, private jet charter flights, air charter, empty leg, jet charter service, executive air charter, private air charter, aircraft charter, charter jets, aircraft jet charter, charter flights, private jets, business jet charters, executive jets
    Date: 20050715 -  ID# -1000
  • The Human Quilt
  • The Human Quilt has a goal of sharing the lives, expressions, emotions, memories, secrets, and desires of people across the globe. Share your story in a square.Each square tells the story of a life. Please send a picture, drawing, poem, or any other form of expression to the Human Quilt. It is your story to tell. Send us your square to tell your story.
    Art, expression, culture, life, photography
    Date: 20050720 -  ID# -1030
  • Joshuas Journal
  • From the CEO of Joshua Books, Joshua’s Journal is an informative and enjoyable Newsletter packed with articles on new releases, special member’s offers, authors stories, interesting links, competitions and much more.
    interesting articles, enlightening, informative, links, competitions
    Date: 20050721 -  ID# -1031
  • Your Home Business Info
  • Your Home Business Info provides you with valuable information on owning your own successful business. It's time to beat your competition! Whether you're a novice or a pro, Your Home Business Info will give you the jump start needed to push the limits of earning potential. Enjoy new found success with the FREE information at Your Home Business Info!

    home, business, info, marketing, profits, sales, email, internet, own, advertising, free, start
    Date: 20050724 -  ID# -1039
  • Free Newsletters From
  • This free weekly newsletter from is your one-stop fill for interesting updates on coming events, free ecards and exciting offers from our partners and sponsors. Just go get it and make your loved ones smile.
    Date: 20050725 -  ID# -1042
  • Abundant Success Online
  • Start an Internet Business Now! Discover Proven Step-by-Step Methods, Tons of Tips & Tricks, and Real World Examples to Keep Your Fears From Holding YOU Back.
    startup internet business, internet business, internet home business, how to start an internet business, work at home internet business, starting an internet business, building a home internet business, internet business idea, starting your own internet business
    Date: 20050801 -  ID# -1071
  • Dark Iris - Writer's Block
  • Monthly e-zine highlighting poetry, publishing, writing, humor, valuable articles on money, marketing, and life in general. It also provides insights and editorials from the editor.
    entertainment, art, poetry, editorial, informational, writing, publishing, humor
    Date: 20050808 -  ID# -1101
  • E-Ezine - Free marketing recourses,articles,website promotion tips
  • E-Ezine - Your source for Internet Training, Net-Marketing Training, Internet
    Success,Internet education, Advertising and Marketing tutorials ,
    Free marketing recourse,articles , website promotion tips and many more

    ezine,ezine advertising, internet marketing articles,free marketing recourses,website promotion tips,MLM,software,book,ebooks,submit article
    Date: 20050809 -  ID# -1107
  • Jelly Paint
  • Jelly Paint is a fresh-from-the-oven literary e-zine which debuted in July 2005. Created by a small group of the rising stars of the writing world (if we do say so ourselves), Jelly Paint blows a breath of minty fresh air into the internet. Jelly Paint is not a magazine that you want to miss out on.
    literary, fiction, poetry, articles, humor
    Date: 20050816 -  ID# -1133
  • Midlife News
  • The Midife News is a free, monthly ezine delivered only by subscription to your email box. You'll find articles and short stories on midlife lifestyles, crisis, marriage and other relationships, finances, parenting, career, health, wellness and more.
    free, midlife, marriage, relationships, career, parenting, finances, lifestyle, articles, short stories, health, wellness
    Date: 20050819 -  ID# -1146
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