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Website hosting in the UK


Once you have a website you then need to think about hosting your site. There are many hosting companies offering different fees, therefore it can be quite difficult in finding the best deal.

There are many avenues to explore to find this best deal. I would advise asking the company who designed the website, if they know of any hosting companies which they could recommend.

Alternatively you can search the internet using a search engine like Google.

If you have a large number of websites which you need hosting for it is worth considering a reseller account. This is where you pay, normally a yearly fee, and are allowed an unlimited number of websites on the same server.

I myself have a large number of websites and use http://www.fasthosts.co.uk for my hosting. They charge £500 annually and this works out to be a lot cheaper than having individual hosting accounts for each of my websites.

There are other companies out there offering a similar service to fasthosts, however this is a company I was recommended to use, and I have had no problems with them as yet.

The only negative I could mention about fasthosts is that at times when you phone their customer services hotline, you are kept waiting quite a long time before you get to talk to an advisor.

A lot of the questions are though answered at their control panel, therefore it is quite rare that I have needed to phone them.

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Stephen Hill has a number of websites including http://www.insomnia-symptom.co.uk and http://www.meditation-symptom.co.uk

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