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Web Hosting Provider Weblinkhosting.com Donates $20,000 To Katrina Relief Group.


Web Hosting Provider Weblinkhosting.com Donates $20,000 To Katrina Relief Group.

Weblinkhosting.com, known as the affordable web hosting provider has donated $20,000 to the Katrina relief group and has promised to give 10% of every signup to the Red Cross as well.

This comes a week after the disastrous proceedings that occurred a week ago in Baton Rouge and Mississippi. This donation comes right after their marketing strategy to give away 19" LCD DELL monitors every week through a raffle to their clientele.

This isn't the first time Weblinkhosting.com has charitably offered large amounts to Americans in need in a time of emergency. WebLink had also contributed over $20,000 to families who were traumatized by the events of 9/11 four years ago.

WebLink hopes that many of the flood victims will be able to benefit from their donation by providing them with food, clothing and a shelter until the hurricane's repercussion becomes a thing of the past.

Anyone still willing to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts they can do so through WebLink as well. With or without purchasing a web hosting plan they will still take your donations whether it is money or canned food and make sure that they are submitted a credible relief association.

WebLink has also decorated its company Limousine with red, black and white colors showing off its company logo, slogan and telephone number. Just recently, they applied the words, "Don't Forget To Donate!" on the left side of its limousine. Clearly advising citizens to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief group.

In the upcoming school year WebLink will be removing its 19" LCD DELL monitor giveaway every week and will be replacing that with a $5,000 sweepstakes. Each signup will be entered into the drawing and once a month a subscriber will be the lucky winner of a check made out to his or her name in the amount of $5,000.
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