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How Does Web Hosting Provider Support You
When you are ready to purchase a web hosting package and start your own Internet activity then all you have to do is to choose a web hosting provider . There are a lot of criteria to figure out what is best for you. And one the most...

Web Hosting in 2005 --- Finding the Niche and Cashing in!
Web Hosting in 2005 --- Finding the Niche and Cashing in! Over this past year, web hosting has grown to be the biggest it has ever been. With more companies appearing every day, the demand for web hosting has never been higher. In 2005, web...

Web Hosting Common Mistakes


In the course of doing business, we serve many customers. Likewise, in doing business, we will also be plagued by different problems.

Following is a list of the common mistakes that different web hosts tend to commit.

1. Falling For The Price Trap A website price at a very low rate will generally provide extremely slow site or common services will be denied because the bandwidth was maximized. Use your instincts and avoid low-priced websites.

2. Lack of Reseller Research Reseller hosting is not bad. As a matter of fact, good support is provided by resellers. However, it will be safe to research your reseller. They may offer good packages but they may be inexperienced in other aspects of web hosting. A good reseller must know their products inside and out.

3. No Clear Definition of Web Site Requirements. List down the resources that your web site will need and add more as you begin to expand. This facilitates everything when an upgrade of your website is needed as you can simply discuss them with your host.

4. Purchasing Hosting In An Auction Auctioned hosting, to say the least, is not unreliable as it may seem. However, these hosts have a great deal of terms and conditions which are usually more than what that regular websites would offer. As a result, inflexibility of the package may be experienced.

5. Forgiving A Host's Bad Or Limited Website Host that do not develop their own informative sites are unlikely to spend time developing informational site for your website.

6. Putting All The Eggs In One Basket Putting several sites in a single account may seem like a good deal. This does not hold true most of the time. When you site is income-generating, it may not be wise to interconnect them. Chances are when all your sites breakdown, your income will be lost. Try to work out with your host about how to spread out the connection of your sites.

7. Taking Testimonials At Face Value Not all testimonials are similar or true for customers. Ask the host if they have a contact of their customers and if you can talk to them. If the host does not want you to do this, that is a danger sign.

8. Not Keeping A Record Of Their Contact Information Keeping track of telephone numbers, addresses, contact persons or e-mail addresses is important. When a problem occurs in your site or when the system goes down, you can easily talk to the customer service to troubleshoot the problem for you.

9. Relying On Host Backups It is advisable to keep a back-up copy of your website. This is critical in times of emergency.

10. Trusting your host to have the latest software Viruses and computer hackers can strike anytime. It is always safe to check the software versions that you are planning to purchase from your host. Make sure that it is always updated.

About the author:

Michael Colucci is a writer for $2.99 Hosting and Low Interest Credit Cards

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