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24/7 Uptime With Full Control Panel! Lowest Cost Hosting GUARANTEED! FREE Custom Website Builder For Your New Or Existing Company! Full Customer Service And Support! FREE E-Commerce Shopping Cart and More! About the Author Premier Online...

Tips on Finding a Hosting Service for your Business Website
There are so many hosting companies offering to host your website for you that the choice may seem a little bewildering. If you are determined about having a successful internet business then you need to consider seriously which hosting company you...

Web Hosting Business Opportunity


Web Hosting for Profit

If you are looking for a great business opportunity that doesn't require lots of time and a large outlay of resources, take a look at reselling web hosting. The web hosting business is a simple business to enter and offers a great product to its customers. Here are some tips on running a web hosting service for profit.

Years ago it would cost someone thousands upon thousands to start a web hosting business, because of the need to purchase servers, man the servers, perform customer service and create advertising and technical materials. It was a full time job to say the least, but times have changed.

Now anyone with $50 bucks or less can start his or her own web hosting service complete with great reliable servers, 24 hour, seven day a week customer support, advertising materials and technical materials. Today many web hosting services offer these services not for thousands of dollars but for pennies on the dollar, some web hosting plans that offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage are offering a reseller plan for less then $20 a month. It's incredible but true.

If you are interested in reselling plans, do a little research and take a look at what web hosts are offering, you might find that a web hosting reselling business is a great opportunity.

About the author:

Jay is the web owner of http://www.dsl-in.com DSL, a website that provides information and resources on DSL, DSL Service, and DSL Service Providers. You can also visit his website at: http://www.dsl-service.us DSL Service

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