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What Is Web Hosting??
Web hosting is an online program for people to store information, videos, pictures, etc. Web hosts provide space for customers on the internet in order for them to create web pages. Generally, web hosts are only adequate for personal home...

Choosing Your First Web Hosting Company
Suppose you just finished a great new web site. You have a beautiful design, an awesome domain name, and a large amount of content. The question is, "what do I do next?" Having a great web host is essential for a successful web site. A great...

Using the Addon Domain Function to Save Money on Web Hosting.


Do you have multiple domain names each using its own hosing account? You may be spending un-necessary money on web hosting fees. Many hosting companies have a function that will allow you to host multiple domain names on one hosting account.

There is a little know and often miss-understood feature on most hosting control panels in use today. This is the add-on domain feature. This feature, if allowed by your web hosting company, will allow you to host multiple domain names in one hosting account. The allocated resources for this account will be shared between the domain names. Most hosting customers utilize a very small part of their allocated disk space and bandwidth per month. By using two or more domain names on one account you can start using those under-utilized resources and stop paying for multiple hosting accounts.

To add on an additional domain to your hosting account take little more than filling out a small form and clicking the save button. Each control panel is slightly different. Your hosting company can offer exact instructions if you have trouble with this. You do of course need to point the dns of the addon domains to the dns provided for you main domain.

So if you have multiple domain names and excess resource on your hosting accounts start combining your hosting accounts and save yourself some money on your hosting expense.

About the author:

Jay Miller is the owner of Host298.com, offering affordable, reliable webhosting. You can give us a try before you buy with our 30 day FR>EE trial.

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