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Types of Web Site Hosting


First of all we must determine the meaning of the word ďhostingĒ. So, what is hosting?

Hosting origins from the word ďhostĒ which has different meanings that are familiar to you. Hosting means providing place for your website on the web hosting companyís servers and makes it viewable in the Internet and floating it.

Why can you once need hosting?

Imagine that you have created a website and now you are wondering how your friends and acquaintances can see it. You place it in your personal computer, but then you come to know that itís dangerous for your computerís safety and needs permanent Internet connection. So it causes a lot of inconveniences for you. To avoid them there is web site hosting.

There are different kinds of web site hosting. Letís have a good look at them:

  1. Shared or virtual hosting

  2. Dedicated hosting/ server, Co-location

  3. VDS/VPS ĖVirtual Dedicated Server/Virtual Private Server

Before choosing some type of web hosting itís necessary to consider the way you are going to use it.

Free Shared hosting

If you want to host some non-profit-making or your personal web site itíd be more profitable to use basic shared hosting for no fee. This type of web site hosting is a rather logical choice if you are a junior in web site building or if you want to try some new idea and donít want to pay. But of course you donít have to suppose it to grant your site the best conditions, such as proper bandwidth and disk space. Some other features can also be limited, I mean MySQL, PHP support. It often also provides poor web statistics.

Paid Shared hosting

Almost all small businesses, intermediate and large professional sites use shared hosting, Ďcause they donít need the whole serverís space and besides the whole server costs much.

With shared/virtual hosting such necessary features, as multiply e-mail, MySQl, PHP, are supported. The main disadvantage is decrease of your siteís security.

Dedicated hosting /Server

This type of hosting is the best choice for those, who need much storage and bandwidth, and are good in server administration. Youíll be able to use all necessary software, but if you donít have enough knowledge to administrate your server it will be a little bit difficult for you.


Itís a sub type of dedicated hosting and can be compared with your own house which was built specially for you, with your favorite furniture and all. Itís built on your hosterís (ISP) ground.

This service is implied to fulfill only your tasks and is designed for your needs alone. And itís cost is correspondingly high.


Virtual private server is a type of web site hosting that is based on dividing a physical server into several virtual ones. It costs less though gives same possibilities as Dedicated server.

Now, when weíve examined different types of hosting services, you can decide which type of hosting is the most suitable for you.

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