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SimpleHost Web Hosting


A Web Hosting Review

SimpleHost has been providing reliable hosting services since 1996, and have grown to become an industry leader hosting over 10,000 clients world-wide. SimpleHost was launched to make web hosting simple for the novice and expert alike. We offer powerful web hosting solutions in one simple package for small to medium size businesses. We make it simple enough so that the novice user as well as advanced user can take advantage of all the Internet has to offer. Since our initial release we have been striving to raise Internet standards.

SimpleHost is committed to providing quality reliable hosting solutions for your business. As our name implies, we strive to make the hosting experience as simple and straightforward as possible. The simplicity of our service allows beginers to get online with ease while our technical superiority provides excellent service for the more advanced. Whatever your level of expertise, our support staff will be there to assist you as needed. Our top priority is to provide high-quality reliable services and top-notch customer service to all customers.

We may focus on making web hosting simple for our clients, but the technology behind the scenes is definately not simple. Our network is maintained by redundant OC-3/OC12 backbones and state of the art equipment. Our servers run the Unix/Linux operating system for unsurpassed performance and reliability. All of our equipment is kept in our data network facility and monitored by our advanced alert system. We are notified of problems within seconds and are able to respond immediately to take corrective actions. As a result, we are able to provide a 99.9% uptime.

Learn more about Simple Host.

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J. Ratliff is author of the Web Hosting Reviews.

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