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Reseller Web Hosting - A Cheaper Alternative ?


There comes a time when the internet bug hits us all and we tend
to acquire a wealth of domain names and web sites to feed our

We start out with the best intentions, set up a personal home
page with a few details about ourselves, then create more for our
family, then our business and before we know it we have several
domain names and web sites spread across several web hosting

A more convenient approach would be to set yourself up with a
reseller account with one hosting company.

Most people assume that to have a reseller account, you need to
be in the business of selling hosting. This is not true. Anyone
can set up a reseller account and enjoy the benefits of saving
money and also having the convenience of only dealing with one
company for all your hosting needs.

I'll take my hosting reseller http://www.HostingRevolution.com as
an example. They provide a very competitive reseller account
priced at $35. Their Reseller's Package allows you to host 100
Domains. You are allowed to give every Domain you host up to
20GB's of monthly transfer and up to 2.5GB of storage.

Previously I had over ten domain names and associated web sites
that were costing me around $5 - $10 a month to host. The average
months hosting costs were around $50 - $60. Therefore, by setting
up a reseller account and transferring my domains and web sites
over to my reseller account I made an instant saving of $15 a

Now, another extension of this would be to start selling hosting
to your friends, after all, you have a reseller account. So if
you have ten friends, ask them if they would like web hosting on
your server, maybe offer it free to them and ask them to
recommend your services to their friends, these can then become
"paying" customers. Now YOU can get people to pay for hosting and
make back the monthly reseller fee. Just sell ten accounts for $3
a month and you have instant income of $30 to offset the $35
reseller fee you are paying. So you get hosting for $5 a month
for as many domains and sites as you like.

So, with the reseller account you have helped yourself, helped
your friends, and possibly started making money as well.

About the Author

Jeff Usher is not a guru or an internet genius. He's just an
ordinary guy trying to make his way in the world. Visit his web
hosting information site here:- http://more-web-hosting.info if
you need more resources and information relating to this article.

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