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The Problem with Free Web Hosting
There are literally thousands of places to get Free web hosting. Maybe you already have one. Are you happy with it? Do you wish you could do away with the advertising you must put up with? There a number of reasons why you should not use free web...

Virtual Dedicated Web Hosting
=================================================== Most webmasters on the net today are familiar with what the industry calls "shared" web hosting accounts. A shared hosting account is where you rent a small amount of space on a server which...

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You've spend hours on the internet searching for a quality domain name and help with HTML, but you have yet to come across a cheap and reliable web hosting service. Look no more! We've analyzed some of the better web hosting services and have compiled a list of the better ones out there.

Infinology Hosting (infinology.com) is one of the best web hosting providers, and is very fast and reliable. Infinology offers 750 megabytes of web space and 45 gigabytes of data transfer for $6.95 a month. Setup is free, and you can upload via SSL, and MySQL and ASP are intalled by default. A shopping cart is also part of the standard package.

Thinkhost (thinkhost.com) is another very fast and reliable server. For a dirt cheap $4.95 a month, you get 110 megabytes of server space, 5000 megabytes of bandwidth, 10 mailboxes, and more!

Lunarpages (lunarpages.com) hosts on Unix servers and is very reliable. You get 3000 megabytes of space and 40 gigabytes of traffic for $7.95 a month. If you want ASP support, it'll be an extra $1 per month. Lunarpages is vaunted for reliablity and prompt technical support.

Thinkhost is better suited for webmasters looking for web hosting bargains, while Infinology is better suited for webmasters with high traffic or commercial websites. Webmasters with little experience who need constant support should check out Lunarpages for their web hosting needs.

About the Author

David Saharkhiz is a computer science major and National Merit Semifinalist at America's Clemson University. He provides comprehensive web-help and HTML help, codes free HTML scripts, and works to help novice webmasters set up new websites.

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