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M6.net can lower your Web Hosting costs


Many hosting companies that offer low prices find it hard to offer a good and reliable service. This, in most cases, is due to failure to project company growth. Web host growth refers to the amount of accounts coming in and at what rate. If a web host company does not plan their growth properly, then account holders will suffer directly. With too many accounts and not enough infrastructure, servers and manpower, resources are stretched and the service declines, rapidly.

The result being, as soon as you sign up for an account you experience regular down time; find great difficulty trying to get support; and, receive large shocking bills at the end of the month, for over-usage of bandwidth and disk space.

However this doesn’t have to be the case. If a web hosting company has a projected plan for resources and infrastructure; projected rates of growth based on many years of hard experience; dedicated and conscientious staff; well established relationships with their up-provider, third party program and software suppliers; and, a pension for modern technology; good and reliable service is inevitable.

M6.net has a projected plan for 2 to 5 years steady growth per month, with references to equipment, human resources, sales and promotion; based on 4 years understanding and growth, directly attributed to the Internet community. Technical support staff are available Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day, with a 24 hr mixture of both human and automated technical support during the weekend. Staff are dedicated to providing a well-received customer service, applying traditional customer service attitudes to a new and faster user medium. M6.net has forged strong relationships with their Up-provider; major software and third party program creators, including Mail Server developers, server distributors, and software giants. To guarantee quality, in-house developers and web technicians have almost totally fully automated account application processes, allowing technical support more time for clients, regular and prospective; in fact a brand new revolutionary control panel will be finished in mid-November, accompanied by a user friendly in-house manual, giving clients more control than ever.

M6.net offers huge amounts of disk space and bandwidth for each account. Accounts range from 500MB of disk space and 3GB of bandwidth, to a whopping 5500MB and 155GB of bandwidth. If, by chance, you do over use your allocated resources you will be informed well in advance, due to constant monitoring and our own need for servers to be running smoothly for all clients; then, encouraged to take measures to reduce, or budget for, extra usage.

A great cost reducing benefit provided by M6.net is multiple domain web hosting. It is much cheaper to host multiple web sites in one account than to have a separate account for each of your web sites. A good tip is to ask your friends if they want to host their web sites in one account, with you. For example, you can save roughly $20 per month by sharing an M6-4 account, which allows up to 4 web sites.

Another cost saving with M6.net is the current provision of a wide range of applications installed on all servers, such as: FrontPage, ASP, WAP, Real Audio, CGI, and PHP etc. This means that you will be able to avoid extra set up fees charged by many other hosts, to install these applications for your benefit. For example, M6.net does not charge to set up FrontPage for use by your account, many hosts do.

Paying monthly at M6.net, another great provision, is much more desirable than being locked in to a yearly or half yearly contract. Not only is it easier on the budget, but you also have the option of downgrading or upgrading to any account, at any time.

M6.net is growing at a remarkable rate due to the fact that they offer a wide range of multiple domain accounts, with fast reliable support and service, and many great offers, all at very affordable prices, this is accomplished by good resource management and believable growth projections.

So lower your costs now, click on over to http://m6.net and find out how M6.net can provide you, with a more cost affective web hosting solution.

By Candice Humbley

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