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Web Hosting Requirements
In scouting for a web hosting company, always ensure the disk space and amount of traffic needed. Amount of Disk Space The requirement of a small or medium web site is between 10 and 100MB of disk space. When looking at the size of...

Web Hosting Server - What to look for
As with any service, the question of what to look for in server hosting packages depends largely on the goals you have. If you have a company in need of a server host, your needs are naturally going to be much different than if you are an individual...

Information about choosing a Web Hosting company


You choose web hosting company only once
The most important thing that you have to remember about a web hosting company is that you get to choose your web hosting company only once. No second chance. No replacing or changing of web hosting company is possible once its been finalized. Therefore it is very crucial that you are convinced about all the factors of your web hosting company being up to the mark. Like everything else, deciding about a webhosting company or choosing a web hosting company should also be done after a thorough research.

Parameters of choosing a web hosting company
While we are looking for web hosting company to host our website on, we will come across number of ads and links that promise many things. Starting from cheap web hosting to free web hosting and so on. All this lure should be ignored and we should focus on what we are looking for. Following factors should be considered and given importance while choosing a webhosting company for our website:

Technical Support and Pricing of web hosting company
I will suggest you opt for a paid web hosting if you are serious about having a website, and if there is a purpose to it. If you are trying to make money with it or it's your medium to expand your business online, or about spreading a message across. don't look for web hosting company that offers the least price. Le low price now be a criteria. It will not help. Online Technical support wise  24X7x365 is what you should look for. Web hosting is about hosting your site on the web for people to see. You can't afford to be in a problem that cannot be resolved in bare minimum time span. Company that is equipped to resolve your problem right away is the company that will stand your business in good stead.

Disk Space Provided by web hosting company
The disk space that is being allotted to your web site is a key element in a good web hosting deal. In the beginning what might seem to be plenty of room, may be inadequate once the space starts to fill out. The scope and potential for growth of your business will mean that you could need more space in future. You should therefore choose a web hosting provider which will be able to offer more space. If your website hosting company can't give it to you, please understand that chances of your growth may be severely limited. See, how important this factor is!

Speed and E-mail accounts provided by web hosting company
Speed and E-mail accounts provided by web hosting company is of utmost importance. Is the web hosting company capable of providing as many E-mail accounts as you need. (one for each working member) Speed is the most most most important aspect. Suppose, a visitor clicks on your link and your site doesn't appear at once, the visitor will simply click on another link. You have to know how fast your internet hosting provider can provide access to your visitors.

Does your web hosting deal include E-Commerce and other Features like, site stats, Control Panel, Transfer Fee etc
Web hosting companies offer variety of services to their costumers. You got to make a list of features that your site will require, are you into shopping online, selling and buying online? Then its an E-Commerce venture and you will need a shopping cart. That's one requirement. Some more important points in your list may be sub domains, multiple domain discounts, Set Up or Installation fees-which is one time, transfer fees, email accounts, website statistics logs, control panel, site creation tool, front page extensions etc

The above points cover everything of importance while considering your web hosting company. I repeat to remind you two thing you should always keep in mind that you can choose your web hosting company only once so you can't afford to be confused or ill informed. If you are new and know little about it you should check out a reliable web-hosting company. You can speak to a few webmaster before arriving at your decision.
About the Author

The author is Purva Mewar webmaster of Work at Home Based Business website www.work-at-home-earn-extra-income.com

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