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Simple Web Hosting
Simple Host A Web Hosting Review Our History: SimpleHost, (formerly wyattweb.com) has been providing reliable hosting services since 1996, and have grown to become an industry leader hosting over 10,000 clients world-wide. SimpleHost.com was...

Web Hosting Operating Systems Explained
A few time ago appeared a lot disagreements between opinions on the internet regarding, which is the best operating system for web hosting. There are people who hate windows, there are people who love FreeBSD and many others. The thing is that the...

HostingOn announce 11 new languages in Web Hosting Control Panel


HostingOn (www.hostingon.com) is happy to announce the substantial new improvements added to the Web Hosting Control Panel. The Web Hosting Control Panel is now available in Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and French in addition to English, German, Spanish, and Bulgarian. A completely new theme has also been added to the Control Panel as well. The new theme is available in the following colors: green, blue, sky blue, red and orange. You can change the theme and its color from the "Change Theme" button at the top right of the Control Panel, through the "Account Profile" drop-down many at the top of the page and through the "Change Control Panel Theme" link in the lower part of the Control Panel home page.

An even more significant addition to the Web hosting Control Panel is the introduction of Flash video tutorials for each section of the Control Panel. The Flash video tutorials are accessible from the "Support" drop-down menu at the top of the Control Panel and through the "Video Tutorials" link at the bottom right of the Control Panel homepage. When you access the video tutorials you will be taken to a list containing all available tutorial video and you can watch any tutorial of your choice. You can also choose a section of the Control Panel from the drop-down menus at the top of the page and you will be taken to the respective section of the Control Panel, where next to the "Help" link icon (a question mark) you will see a "Video Tutorials" link and icon (a film strip). If there is a single tutorial video associated with this section of the Control Panel, it will start when you click on the "Video Tutorials" link or icon. In case that there is more than one video tutorial associated with the respective section of the Control Panel, you will see the list of all available tutorials for this section. You can watch the video tutorial that you choose by clicking on the link with its title.

HostingOn.com hopes that the addition of video tutorials will greatly enhance the usability of the Control Panel, while the new theme will raise number of aesthetic choices and the Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and French version will increase the market reach and presence of our services.
About the Author

Nick Bonetti is a Sales Manager of HostingOn.com (founded in 2003).

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