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HQHosts dedicated and shared web hosting: economical Server Wizard and Per Gigabyte services


HQHost, a web hosting provider, informs about its high end Server Wizard and Per Gigabyte services for its dedicated and shared web hosting clients. In order to decrease their outlay on web hosting, HQHosts clients can control their hosting funds by creating their own web hosting packages.

August 5, 2004 HQHost Company, a high end web hosting provider, makes clear the advantages of its economical Server Wizard service for dedicated server clients and Per Gigabyte web hosting service for its shared hosting clients to be able to create their own suitable web hosting plans.

Any web hosting can be economical if taken sensibly. HQHosts Server Wizard and Per Gigabyte web hosting services are vivid examples of economical approach to your hosting expenses. Both dedicated server clients and shared hosting clients can benefit from these services by creating their own web hosting plans with the required bandwidth and storage space.

These services are especially designed to cater to the needs of web hosting clients. No more long bills. You pay only for what you have used, not more not less, says Serg Sabetyev, CEO of HQHost Company.

Standard web hosting packages advertised everywhere demand a fixed price for certain amount of bandwidth. The burning question is if a client is able to use all the gigabytes ordered. In case of non-exhausting the limit, the client will pay the whole fixed cost of the package. In case the client exceeds the limit, he pays much more per additional gigabyte. There is the third alternative. HQHosts Per Gigabyte web hosting service applies to the shared hosting customers http://www.hq-host.com/en/virtual.html. Calculate the required bandwidth for your site and pay only those gigabytes you are going to use.

As compared to shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting is a high level secure service. Large corporate websites put up great funds into dedicated web hosting on different reasons. Some of them have sensible information to deal with. The others have complicated ecommerce software. The prevailing factor is high traffic. Whatever reason for huge dedicated server outlay there can be, dedicated server web hosting can be affordable. Any client can arrange its own rational dedicated server package with HQHosts Server Wizard service http://www.hq-host.com/en/ded_wizard.html.

According to Serg Sabetyev, CEO of HQHost Company, this is an advantage-ground for those websites that have a seasonable traffic slump. They can arrange any web hosting packages suitable for them with Server Wizard and Per Gigabyte services. If your site traffic is high at rush season only, you can benefit by HQHosts unique services.

HQHost (High Quality Host Company), a web hosting provider, was founded in 2001. HQHosts data centers are located in the United States and assure absolute visibility of its clients websites worldwide. HQHost is a privately owned company with headquarters in Sacramento, CA.

For additional information, please contact:

Serg Sabetyev
HQHost Company CEO
Address: Fast Internet Technology, Inc.
5325 Elkhorn Blvd. PMB # 8227,
Sacramento, CA 95842, USA
URL: http://www.hq-host.com/
E-mail: manager@hq-host.com

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